Issue 1: April 1996

The 1996 Southeast Gathering

The 1996 Southeast Gathering took place March 28-31, 1996, at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, Georgia. Lots of kids and teens attended. (Over 80!)

The theme of the gathering was Meher Baba's Divine Circus. Meher Baba was the ringmaster.

"It will be a good world later when, just as we saw in the circus the other night... the lion, goat, and cow all ate together from the same plate."
-Meher Baba, Lord Meher, Volume VII & VIII, p. 2589

Lois (Lolo) Jones led the kids' program. There were lots of different kinds of activities.
Kids saw the Meher Baba web pages on the Internet. They learned about making web pages, too. You can see the pictures they drew:

One afternoon the Mikell Nature Center took everyone to see the camp's wetlands. Our photographers were there.

Kids also made kites and flew them.

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Written & edited by Anne Giles, and Anne Marie Hall,
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