Judy Stephens

Meherabad, 1952


16 to 31 August 2011

Jai Meher Baba to you all!

Tuesday 16 August 2011. I went up the hill early to take darshan and then clean Mani's Shrine and Baba's Room. When I finished I took a walk to the MPR and then went home.

I am flying to Israel Saturday evening for a family function. I will be there for one week. However, I'm leaving Meherabad on Friday with a friend to spend the night in Pune and rest before leaving on Saturday. Therefore, I had to go to the DSP and have them stamp my residency papers "no objection to leave".

I called Mr. Tagaat; the police officer at the DSP in charge of foreigners. He said to come by at 11:00 am. So, I got ready and drove to the DSP. After having my papers stamped I drove to the Trust Office and saw Bhauji. I told him about my upcoming trip. He is so sweet and always does the hand-patting three times for Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. I didn't stay long as I had things to do.

In the evening I had Samadhi duty from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. I went back down the hill after evening Arti. I have been gathering the things I may need in Israel. The tailor came by to pick up something he is going to shorten for me.

Wednesday 17 August. I went up the hill early for morning darshan. I just love the mornings; they are so quiet and peaceful. There is usually a gentle breeze blowing and the sun has not come up yet.

After the Samadhi doors were opened I took darshan and then went to pick my flowers from those that had just been taken out of the Samadhi. I put them in a bag and then went for my walk to the MPR. I decided to make the round twice out back by the MPR. There is a short part to the Samadhi and the 'official' path. They meet at the MPR and just near the Samadhi. By making the walk twice I think I increased the walk by a quarter-mile. It is a pleasant walk with the new trees all around.

When I got home I did a short DVD workout and then went to the Page house to meet the contractor, Joshi. We went over some work that will be done in the next week while I am in Israel.

In the afternoon I spent the time packing. I am really looking forward to this trip. I will be with my two daughters and their families, as well as with other people. The idea of being in the 'holy land' with my family is exciting. I know I live in the 'holiest of holy' land as this is the home of the current Avatar. I am so fortunate to live in Meherabad, but I am excited in going to Jerusalem for one week. We will visit many of the holy places — fun!

Thursday 18 August. I went up the hill early for morning darshan at the Samadhi and then went for my walk to the MPR and home. I did a short workout with a DVD before packing some more.

Friday 19 August. I woke early but did not go up the hill for darshan as I had a few last minute things to pack after my bath. The car to take Margaret and me to Pune came at 8:15 am. We took the back way to the Pune road, but first both of us wanted to stop at the Samadhi and take darshan before leaving.

When we got to Pune we stopped at some of the new malls where I thought Margaret may find what she was looking for. It was after lunchtime when we checked into the hotel, so we dropped off our stuff and went out to get a bite to eat.

I was very happy to have the rest before flying to Israel. I have been busy and it was nice to unwind.

Saturday 20 August. The hotel provided breakfast. I then went to a salon where I had an appointment to have my nails done. I got back in time to checkout and be ready for my shuttle which picked me up at 3:15 pm. It is so much cheaper to take a car to Pune, spend the night in a hotel, and have a shuttle take one to the airport than it is to hire a car and go directly from Meherabad to the airport in Mumbai.

There were two Baba lovers from Israel on the same flight, but we sat in different areas. I was able to only say hi. I was hoping to be able to visit them before returning to India but it didn't work out for me. My schedule was too busy and I was so exhausted when it was time to return to India. I had a very full week.

Sunday 21 to Sunday 28 August. I was in Israel.

Monday 29 August. I had an appointment with a shuttle to meet me at the arrival area of the International Airport in Mumbai. When I walked out of the airport I checked all signs for my name, there was nothing. I waited fifteen minutes before taking another shuttle.

Why didn't I call you may ask? My cell phone would not connect, something was wrong. When I was in the other shuttle a nice woman let me use her cell phone so I could call the shuttle service and tell them what happened. The woman at the company said the man was there. I said no he was not. Anyway, when I got home there was an email saying the shuttle man had taken another passenger to his car to wait. At that time I had come out of the terminal. I emailed back that next time the man should have any other passengers wait as my flight was on time.

What was interesting was the woman who let me use her cell phone in the new shuttle I took wanted to know more about Baba. She asked if she could look up information on the Internet. Yes, I said, and wrote Baba's name for her. I also gave her my email address. So, it looks like Baba wanted me to take another shuttle so this woman could hear of him. I had the shuttle drop me off at my hotel in Pune.

Tuesday 30 August. The car picked me up at 10:00 am and we went to Dorabji's so I could buy a few things. Then we headed for Meherabad. I stopped at Samadhi to take darshan before being dropped off me at my room.

Wednesday 31 August. I went up the hill early for darshan at the Samadhi. I was at the bottom of the path, going up the hill, when I just about stepped on a snake crossing right at my feet! I had just swept the spot with my flashlight. In the time I moved my flashlight up further on the path a snake must have been coming from the side. I literally had my right foot up to take another step when I noticed the snake slithering just in front of my foot. I froze and said 'eek!' before quickly jumping back. The snake continued to cross the path as I put the light on the snake to see if it was a Krate. It was small in size but long. No, I was happy to notice, not a Krate. I do not know if that particular kind of snake was poisonous or not. I was very lucky I did not step on it! After taking darshan I went for my walk to the MPR and back home. I spent most of the morning doing laundry.

This was the 10th year anniversary of Eruch going to Baba. In the MPC Hall there was a sharing of memories of time with Eruch. I was unable to attend the Program as I had to go to the DSP. At 11:30 I drove to the DSP to let them know I was back. However, I found out it was a Muslim holiday and Thursday was Ganesh, a Hindu holiday. So, I would have to come back on Friday or the following week.

I stopped at the Trust and was able to see Bhauji. I shared some of the stories of my trip to Jerusalem and other parts of Israel. I was happy I was able to visit with him. He is so adorable.

I did more unpacking and laundry when I got home. It was a magical trip to Israel, but I am happy being home in Meherabad.

In Beloved Baba's sweet love, Judy

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