Judy Stephens

Meherabad, 1952


15-30 November 2012

Jai Meher Baba to you all!

Thursday 15 November 2012. I had been in the USA for my 50th High School Reunion, as well as to visit my family. Just before returning to India I visited my youngest daughter in New York City, arriving only days before Hurricane Sandy hit. A week later we had the election for President. So, my whole stay was quite eventful.

I returned home to Meherabad in the afternoon of the 15th. I had my driver stop first at the Samadhi so I could say hello to Baba, and to fill my heart with the most lovely energy in the Universe — His Divine Presence.

Meherabad was still very crowded with His Lovers who had come for the 50th reunion of the 1962 East-West Gathering. Though the program was officially over by the time I got back, many were still here. I heard that on the 2nd November there was actually some rain on Meherabad Hill where the program was taking place. I also was told there was a rainbow over the Hill.

There were around 300 Sufis who also attended. Some had been at the East-West Gathering. One was Kalid Al Fazih, who would give a talk tomorrow at the MPC in Lower Meherabad.

In the evening, I was telling Anne about the Hurricane in NYC and the chaos of the aftermath, with the lower part of the city without electricity, everything shut down, and the other parts of the City like Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island and Queens all are having flooded areas. Anne told me there was also chaos here in Meherabad around the same time; which was during the 50th Reunion of the East-West Gathering. She said everyone thought one of the main cooks at the MPR was having an appendicitis, one of the MPR Lobbymen had a hernia, the MPR housekeeper had a medical problem, a pilgrim had a heart attack and had to be taken to Pune, another pilgrim had some internal obstruction and had to be taken to the hospital in Ahmednagar, but on the way the ambulance broke down, another pilgrim had to be taken to our Isolation Ward because of a medical problem. And, not only were there all these medical emergency, there were technical problems during the programs with things not working or light bulbs blowing out. So, there was chaos in the West and the East at the same time!

Friday 16 November. I woke at 2:30 AM and decided to get up and do more unpacking. I went up the hill in time to get in line when the Samadhi doors opened. I was so happy to once again be there in the early morning. After taking darshan I went on a power walk to the MPR and back to my room.

Along the path from the MPR to the Samadhi someone had made rock towers. I had seen some in the past but usually they would get knocked down. This time they were left alone, so the creator had made several.

— photo of the rock towers.

After breakfast I went to the DSP (Dept. of Superintendent of Police) to check in with them. I then went to the RTO (Registration of Transportation Office) to renew my driver license. They gave me a form and I went to the Trust Office and had help filling it in correctly. When I took the form back to the RTO the man so sweetly told me I now had to get two more forms to fill out, one a medical form signed by a doctor, and the other my current address. Why I was not given the other forms at the beginning is beyond understand. The medical form I would have to have done by our Indian doctor at the Meher Health Clinic in Arangaon village, next to Meherabad. So this would have to wait another day.

I also went to Mr. Swapnil, the man in the bazaar who fixes and unlocks cell phones. When I was in the States, on my computer, I did an update on my IPhone 3. I thought it would make it work better as it would freeze at times, or drop the connection. Well, after the download it would not work. Mr. Swapnil told me the IPhone I had was too old for the update I downloaded onto it, and that was why it would not work anymore. But, he said to give him another week and he may be able to 'rig' something. I asked what he could do? He just smiled and said it was his secret and it may work. Anyway, I told him some hope was better than none.

I was so exhausted by the time I got home at 3:00 PM I just wanted to sleep. As I was making some lunch, Anne, who I share the Doctor's Quarters with, reminded me of the talk by Khalid Al Fazih that would start in the MPC at 4:30 PM. Oh dear, I thought! What to do? I did not want to miss it but I could hardly function. I finally told myself, "Don't lay down, have tea. Otherwise, I will never be able to get up." It worked.

I got to the MPC and took a seat in front. Bif Soper had his video equipment all set up, and Jess Maron had a good camera. I was happy to see the talk was going to be recorded and photographed. I was way too tired to even think of getting my own equipment. Jess offered to share his photos so I could use them on the Diary.

— photos from Jess of Khalid

Khalid was such a sweet and humble man. He was born in Lebanon and moved to San Francisco when he was four years old. His father was an Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. His father met and became good friends with Murshida Duce and her husband. The two families remained friends for years. Khalid became a Sufi because of his close relationship with the Murshida and his need for spiritual direction.

Khalid said one day he got a call from Murshida telling him they were going to India to meet God. Baba was giving the East-West Gathering. He said as he was standing in line to meet Baba his mind started telling him that he was not worthy to meet Baba. That here was God, and Khalid was unclean and unfit, and he should keep away from the purity of God. He said he was about to get out of line. Just then Khalid said he saw Baba look, not at him, but just over his shoulder. Baba had fire in His eyes and it was directed at whatever Baba was looking at. Khalid said it was as if Baba were burning away what was there, and that all of a sudden Baba did something with his fingers — as if flicking away something. Khalid said it could have been thoughts that had been created from eons of time of feeling unworthy of God's love.

Another thing that was said that had an impact on me was when Khalid said he was thinking how we are told God was out of our reach. Right at that time he was thinking this thought it was like Baba answered that question. Baba said that He brought God to our level so we could know Him. Khalid also spoke of the beauty of Baba's embrace. Needless to say, I was very happy I went to the talk.

Saturday 17 November. I woke early and got my IPod to take with me for my power-walk after taking darshan in the Samadhi. The IPod slipped from my hand and fell to the floor and everything went all white. Nothing worked; it was broken. I walked up the hill to take darshan in the Samadhi when the doors opened. Afterward, I went on a power walk 'IPod-less' to the MPR and back to my room. I had another IPod I brought back from the States. One of my granddaughters gave me her old one as she had ITouch. I thought I could just 'sync' my music onto her IPod — it didn't work. All I have is an IPod with teenage music on it — not my favorite.

Well, that is how my day started. It continued that way all morning; my new desk was still not finished, the local ATM wasn't working and the Thomas Cook man at Meher Darbar was not available.

I went into town and finally was able to get some money from an ATM. I then went to the RTO and was also able to complete the process for my driver license renewal. I was told the new license would be mailed to me.

I was going to have tea at the MPR at 4:00 PM with a Sufi friend whom I had known from the 60s, but I fell asleep when I got home.

I decided I was too tired and jetlagged and it would be best if I took a couple of days off to rest and unpack. Though I wanted to go to Meherazad and then Bhauji's Chat Sunday, I felt it was more important to rest.

Sunday 18 November. I slept late, with the help of a sleeping pill. After breakfast I drove to the MPR to see my Sufi friend before they left. But, I found out, for safety reasons, the Sufis left early to avoid being on the Mumbai streets during the funeral procession of a powerful right-wing Nationalist Hindu. There were hundreds of thousands of people attending the procession, and all shops throughout the state of Maharastra were closed.

I drove to the Samadhi to spend some lovely time sitting inside. On the drive up the hill I noticed a new sign warning drivers to go slow.

— --photos of sign to go slow

After taking darshan I went to the flower rack to pick some flowers taken out of the Samadhi that morning. I like to put some in water and keep around my room. The rest of the day I spent organizing my room and putting away my suitcases.

Monday 19 November. I woke at 1:30 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but it didn't help. So, I got up and did some work on the computer until it was time to go up the hill to take darshan in the Samadhi.

It is very cold once the sun goes down. I have been sleeping with two blankets; usually I sleep with only a sheet. It is in the 60s right now, requiring warm clothes. Anne said hopefully the cold weather would kill the mosquitoes. Even though we have not had any rain, because of the drought many people have water storage tanks. Not all these tanks are secured and become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The drought is also once again causing the leaves on our plants to wilt.

Tuesday 20 November. I went up the hill early to clean Mani's shrine before taking darshan in the Samadhi when the doors opened. Next, I went to clean Baba's Room. I took all the cleaning cloths home to wash. I usually take them back up in the evening when I have Samadhi duty. But since my Samadhi duty won't start until next week, I will have to take the clean cloths in the morning when I go up again.

On the hill, in front of the amphitheater and directly opposite the Samadhi, once again preparations have started for Amartithi. The large steel structure for the overhead pandals is being erected.

— photos of structure

I spent most of the day doing things in my room. Frankly, I have been enjoying giving myself relaxing time as I recover from jetlag. I usually just land running. But, I did do a half-hour DVD workout. It is very important for my health to exercise, and it gives me more energy.

Wednesday 21 November. I woke at 3:00 AM from jetlag, so I got up and spent time on the computer and watching the Israeli/Gaza crisis on TV. When it was close to 5:00 AM I walked up the hill and took darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then did a power walk before going back home.

At 10:00 AM there was a Tour of Upper Meherabad given by Archana. She covered for me while I was in the States. Around 11:00 AM I noticed a text message from Mr. Swapnil saying he fixed my IPhone! I was very happy and drove to his shop to pick up the phone. He said he was in contact with Apple and they made the update work, only it could not be as powerful as the one I downloaded. He said it now is a lot faster. It has been hard not having a cell phone. The old Blackberry I had was also broken; I could only hear on speakerphone, if it worked at all. So, once again all is well in the cell phone world.

When I got home, the bazaarwala (Trust worker who buys our food and other stuff) came by to drop off my stuff I ordered. We call Raoshab the bazaarwala. Anyway, he arrived in the Trust's brand new rickshaw. The old one kept breaking down and so they traded in it in for this nice one.

— photo of Raoshab and the new rickshaw

Thursday 22 November. I went up the hill early and cleaned Mehera's shrine. I feel so fortunate to be able to do it, as this is our Beloved's Beloved. When I finished I got in line to take darshan when the Samadhi doors opened.

Each morning, before the Samadhi woman supervisor opens the doors, and before anyone enters, we all say 'Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai'. Sometimes instead, the supervisor will say 'Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai'. I personally like adding the 'Beloved'.

After taking darshan inside the Samadhi, I pick flowers that have been taken out of the Samadhi. I put them in a bag and leave the bag in the Caretaker's room while I go for my power-walk to the MPR and back. I then pick up the bag of flowers and take them back to my room.

— photo of flower rack

In the later part of the morning I got a text from Mr. Swapnil saying he fixed my IPhone! I was so surprised, as I thought it could not be fixed. I drove to the shop and Mr. Swapnil told me he got in contact with Apple, who told him the update I downloaded to my IPhone was too powerful for it. But, at slightly less power it could be updated to almost equal an IPhone 4. Mr. Swapnil paid Apple for the update and now I have a phone that is very fast. Mr. Swapnil said it should be good for two or three years!

At 4:30 PM in the MPC Meeting Hall, Murshida Carol Weyland Conner gave a talk. I went early to get a seat in front. I was looking forward to her talk because when she talks there is insight in what she says.

Here in Meherabad, the 50th reunion of the East-West Gathering just finished two weeks ago. The talk Murshida gave was from that subject. She said Baba told everyone at that Gathering "During the Sahavas, the purpose of this incarnation will take shape." Baba had said it was the "Most Important Meeting: The Union of East and West"

Murshida said the New Humanity would come from the Union of East and West. She held up her right and left hands, then with each shaped like a half circle, she brought them together. From this will emerge the new spiritual humanity.

Friday 23 November. I went up the hill early and took darshan inside the Samadhi when the doors opened. I then went for a power walk to the MPR and back to my room. Shortly after returning to my room, I did a DVD workout with weights.

I had not seen Bhauji since I returned to India. So I drove to the Trust hoping to get there for his visiting time. The visiting time was 11:15 AM to 12:00 noon. When I walked to the back where his room is, there were a lot of shoes outside the door. A group of Indians were singing a Bhajans before leaving. Since Bhauji's room is small, I waited outside until the group left.

Inside the room were still about twenty people sitting close together. Most were residents. We had a couple of Russians and a few new Iranian pilgrims, as well as some other Indian pilgrims. Two of the Iranian women sang some devotional songs in Farsi. There voices were so beautiful and they had so much feeling as they sang. In fact they had tears in their eyes.

Shaheen, one of Bhauji's team, translated some of the words for us. They sang that 'they could hear His footsteps coming down the road from long away, in fact, they can hear His steps from all around'. They sang 'He is all and they can not breath without Him'. The song went on like that; the words were as beautiful as their lovely voices.

Bhauji looked so beautiful, almost angelic. He had a neck collar to give support as his neck gives him pain. He is supposed to limit turning his head much left or right. Still, he looked beautiful, full of love for everyone there. His eyes had softness and love when they looked at each person in the room. I think Bhauji is just getting more and more beautiful.

--photos of Bhauji and room

When I left Bhau's I drove to the nearby BSNL internet/phone company. Mr. Bore set my IPhone up so I could connect with Google. Now for the first time, I have an Internet server with my cell phone. I feel so high-tech!

At 4:30 PM in the MPC Meeting Hall, Mehernath Kalchuri gave a talk on Baba. Mehernath is Bhauji's son and he had spent his life with Baba. Mehernath is also on the Board of Meher Baba's Trust as a Trustee.

Saturday 24 November. I had to clean the Jhopdi and Table House after cleaning up the hill, so I drove near the Jhopdi and parked my car. I walked up the hill and cleaned Mani's shrine. When the Samadhi doors opened I took darshan and then cleaned Baba's Room.

I wanted to get in some exercise because the day was going to be a long one, so I did a jog/walk to the MPR and back to the Samadhi. After getting my flowers I walked to the Jhopdi and did a quick clean. I then got ready to give the Tour of Historic Meherabad at 10:00 AM at the MPC.

Two women were waiting for the Tour. It had been almost two months since I last did the Tour and I was a little rusty. However, we enjoyed going to the places where Baba did His Universal work. We finished the Tour at the Memorial Tower. It is interesting witnessing the reaction of the pilgrims to the beauty unfolding as the Tower is being built. Almost everything is being done by hand, so it will be about two more years before it is completed. At one point I was under the impression it would be finished in one year. I was wrong.

The inscription of the dedication that Baba had given in 1944 is now being cut into marble and the letters painted.

— photo of marble and painted letters

As soon as the Tour was over I drove to the Page house for a 1:00 PM meeting with the contractor. We went over the last of the work that is needed in order to finish the contract. It has been many years in the making and I am really ready to shift my energy in other directions.

I had time for a short rest before getting ready for the wedding & reception of Amman Fenster and Stephanie Yeung. Amman is the son of David & Sheela Fenster, and the grandson of Bhau Kalchuri, Chairman of the Trust and the last Mandali member alive.

There were two buses. One bus would leave from the MPR before picking up the pilgrims at the Samadhi as soon as prayers were over. The other bus was to leave from the MPC at 7:00 PM. I put on a beautiful sari and drove to the MPC to take that bus. When I got to the MPC there were maybe twenty-five people waiting. We soon filled up the bus with some having to stand.

The function was at Thapar Inn. It was an outdoor pavilion with tables on raised platforms, all set with white linen cloth. It was a fun wedding with a garlanding of Baba's photo and the prayers said to 'officially' complete the wedding. The couple had gotten married elsewhere and I think they will do it in the States too, where they both live.

--photos of wedding

We had good food and danced and danced and danced! It was fun. One bus left at 9:30 PM, but I never heard any announcement for it. There was an announcement for the 10:00 PM bus. Everyone had left the wedding function but the couple of dozen of us waiting for the bus. There was no bus! We waited and waited. Robyn (who was in charge of bus arrangement) kept calling. Finally, near 11:00 PM, the bus driver and bus showed up. We thankfully piled in. But, as we neared Meherabad the bus broke down. I could see our security office and went to notify them. Amir, who has a room next door to the security had them call Ramesh (our Trustee who is in charge of security). I spoke to Ramesh, telling him the problem. He sent two jeeps to take the pilgrims to the MPR and the condos. I walked to the MPC and got my car. By the time I drove to the Security room, the two jeeps were there. Amir went to have the pilgrims get off the bus and into the jeeps. One other car was available, so my car was not needed. I reached my room at midnight.

Sunday 25 November. I got ready by putting my sari and jewelry in the car. Then I drove to Meherazad to help out. It was not that busy, so I was able to join Kacy in Mehera's room, where she was telling a story to a woman who had met Mehera. Kacy said that a Baba lover told her about an astrologer friend who said on 20th May 1989, "From today, deeply feminine spiritual values have been released into the world." The astrologer did not know of Mehera or that she had died on that day, he only saw something from his reading of the stars.

There was a program in Mandali Hall, but I stayed in Baba's room, as we keep it opened until all the pilgrims leave. When I left I drove to Yash & Joli for lunch. When I got to the Trust I rested in the Baba Center. Around 3:00 PM I went near the Chat room. One of Bhauji's team told me the Chat was cancelled because Bhauji was not well.

It seems Bhauji had been coughing all night and was still coughing. He had not had any sleep. So, I left and went back to Meherabad. I love attending the Chat and I know Bhauji especially loves them. So, you can imagine what it would take for him to miss it. Even as his doctor was telling him the Chat was cancelled, Bhauji still wanted to do it. Here he could not talk because of coughing, but still he wanted to do the Chat. His doctor won that battle.

There was a birthday party, starting around 7:00 PM, at the Garden Condos (by the Page house). I was going to attend after Bhauji's Chat, and I had already told the host I would be quite late. Now that there wasn't a Chat I was able to go early. I took a couple of my neighbors.

The party was on the rooftop of one of the buildings of the condos. The different rooftops of the condos are a popular place to have parties. There was wine, beer, and harder stuff. There was veg and non-veg food — basically something for everyone, which is like most of our parties. To top it off there was dancing! So, I was in heaven! The party was so much fun. It ended with us singing the Gujerati Arti — we do this at most of our parties. I left after a couple more dances, though many stayed later.

Monday 26 November. I went up the hill early to take darshan in the Samadhi when the doors opened. Afterward, I did a jog/walk to the MPR and back to the Samadhi. I then did just a power-walk down and up the hill before going back to my room. As I was crossing the street near the Dhuni, I looked down the road and saw the bus still parked across from our Security room. I guess that bus was really broken.

I was tired when I got home, so I rested part of the morning. I then drove up to the Page house to see if any work had been started. No, Joshi's men were not there. I called Joshi and he said the men would start on Wednesday.

My desk is almost finished. It is being made in the garage of the Page house. I'm looking forward to finally being able to replace the more-narrow desk from the one I had made more than twenty years ago.

In the late afternoon, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM I had Samadhi duty. It was my first day back since I returned from the States. I love being at the Samadhi, and by having duty there I make the time. Otherwise I often find myself busy doing other things.

Tuesday 27 November. I went up the hill early to clean Mani's shrine. I noticed more work was taking place on the steel structure. Also, stacks of the long poles were in different places. These poles will support the colorful cloth pandals on the hill during Amartithi.

After taking darshan in the Samadhi I went to Baba's Room to clean. All of these cloths I take home to wash on Tuesdays. I saw Janaki and Zahra, both of whom share in the Archive cleaning of the Samadhi. I asked if December would be my month. No, it seems we have added another member to our team, Archana, so my turn will be in February. I'm glad it was not January because I am very busy preparing for Amartithi.

I drove to the MPC to take the bus to Meherazad. It was the small bus and packed. Near Meher Darbar there was a family of six that we stopped for. It reminded me of the stories of traveling with Baba in trains, when more and more people would be pushed in through the windows. Our bus became like that.

The family of six was dropped off at the bus station. When we stopped at the Trust (we usually do for ten minutes on Tues. and Thurs.) I would say almost half of the pilgrims got off the bus. So when we left to go on to Meherazad there were only around twenty pilgrims left in the bus.

Surprisingly, there seemed to be a lot of pilgrims at Meherazad. So, I think many came in cars. Two young men were from Croatia or Serbia. They seemed to be deeply moved by Baba. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to hear their story. They were leaving on Wednesday or Thursday. Bhauji has visiting time next on Friday. So, I suggested they call the Trust and ask one of Bhauji's team if they could meet him before they leave. Sometimes Bhauji allows this. But, since he has been sick it would all depend on his health.

I took the bus home and rested after lunch. I had Samadhi duty from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. I put the clean cloths I washed in the morning into my bag and drove next to the railroad tracks to park.

On the way up the hill I met a pilgrim couple. The man is the one who made one of the designs for the Super Structure that will be over the Samadhi. I was in the States when the photos of the drawings were shown. I asked about them. He said I would be able to see them. I asked if I could video his story and he said okay. They are here for one more week so I better not waste time.

— -I took a photo of one of the support pole piles

Wednesday 28 November. I slept late, as I have been tired. I did cleaning and other things around my room. Then I drove to the Page house to see if any work had been started. No, nothing had been started. I called Joshi and he said they would start in the afternoon.

I then drove to the Samadhi to take darshan and sit inside for a while. On the way back down the hill I took a photo of the new sign that warns drivers going up the hill to go slow.

— photo of slow sign.

Then as I neared the first dirt road below the Samadhi hill, I stopped to take a photo of the new sign for the Meher Nazar Bookstore. It has been moved from the Trust in Ahmednagar to this new location.

--photo of Bookstore sign

A short way further down the road is a small store with many Baba things. I took a photo of that sign too.

— photo of small store sign

A Tour of Upper Meherabad, given by Archana, started at 10:00 AM. Pilgrims were to meet across from the Samadhi. I trained Archana to do the Tour of Lower Meherabad just before I went to the States. And, Janaki trained her to do the Tour of Upper Meherabad. It is nice to have a younger person learn to give the Tours.

In the afternoon I did a DVD workout with weights. I tell you, it takes so much effort to get back into a routine. However, once the habit is established it is easier to schedule a workout.

Thursday 29 November. I went up the hill early to clean Mehera's shrine before taking darshan in the Samadhi when the doors opened. I then collected some flowers in a bag and left them in the Caretaker room while I went for a walk.

I did a power-walk to the MPR and back past the Samadhi. I then went down the hill on the path and up again on the paved road. Along the way I would stop and look at the full moon. It looked so beautiful and in places seemed larger. It is always so beautiful to see the full moon from Beloved Baba's hill. It seems so romantic.

Back up the hill I collected my bag of flowers and walked back down the path. When I got to my room I made oatmeal for breakfast. When I'm in the States, I buy the Quaker Old Fashion Oatmeal at Costco. I buy the 10 lbs. box at a really good price. I like the old fashion much better than the processed kind. Can you believe it; I eat it almost every day, even when I'm in the States.

This morning, I got an email message from the Trust Family Bulletin. They send out information about any activity that is taking place in Meherabad, Meherazad, or the Trust Office, as well as the Mandali. Also, we are notified about anything to do with residents and our Baba community. The Internet is a great and convenient way to share this information to people in the quickest way.

The Trust Family Bulletin gave an update on Bhauji's health, and informed all that until further notice we were requested to respect the wishes of the medical team and allow Bhauji to rest until he regains his strength.

I got ready for Meherazad and then drove my car there. I took some photos of the new section of road for the buses to turn around. I was told the old way was too sharp of a turn for the bus drivers.

--photos of new turn road for the buses

After taking darshan in Mandali Hall and the Blue Bus, I went to the main house in back. I was able to help open Mehera and Baba's rooms. There were hardly any pilgrims so we were able to sit around and talk on the verandah. I really enjoy doing this because Kacy and Shelley will just share some story about the women Mandali. Both lived at Meherazad for many years with the women Mandali. So, they heard and witnessed these stories being told.

Today, when Shelley was talking about Goher, she talked about how Eruch and Padri had such respect and admiration for Goher. They had said she was truly humble and so dedicated to Baba's care. Then she was telling how Goher said Baba told Padri to bring him a hospital bed. This was just before Baba dropped the body. He was so ill and He wanted a special hospital bed. Padri was so meticulous in everything he did for Baba. This hospital bed was not new so Padri was sanding and painting it, and making whatever made it operate run smoothly. Baba kept telling Padri to quickly get it done. He was wondering why Padri was taking so long. Finally, Padri brought it to Baba's room for Him to use. Baba's regular bed was put away. Five days later Beloved Baba dropped His body on that bed.

After Baba dropped His body, the Mandali understood why Baba was so anxious when Padri was taking so long to bring that other bed. The Mandali speculated on why Baba wanted to drop His body on a different bed than the one He always used. They thought it might be because Baba knew Mehera would be praying at His bed after He left. The hospital bed was removed from Baba's room and put in the Blue Bus. Baba's regular bed was returned back to His room, where it has been all these years.

Before leaving Meherazad I called and ordered some food at a restaurant near Meherabad. I don't like to wait, and by calling the food is usually ready when I get there. It was chicken and I eat it on the way home.

However, today the traffic was a nightmare. It was bumper to bumper on Station Road. It took me almost one hour to get past that section of road. It was packed with large trucks, buses, motorcycles, cars, and rickshaws. Of course the drivers find it necessary to honk their horns. Why? It is obvious no one is moving. Yet, honk their horns they must. By the time I got to the restaurant I told them to bring me a beer and nuts. I had to unwind. It was really stressful.

There is a back way that I didn't think about until I was stuck in that horrible traffic. I have taken it recently. Nowhere is there a lack of traffic in India. But, there are some roads where it is lighter.

Friday 30 November. I went up the hill early to take darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then went on a power walk to the MPR and up and down the hill. It felt great to work out.

All the foreigners who live in India, whether full or part time, can no longer use the India domestically issued gas cylinders for cooking. I had already had the Trust prepare a paper stating my residency status. I also had a copy of my passport and visa, as well as a copy of a phone bill that had my name and address on it. I also had the original gas book that was issued.

The woman I needed to see checked my documents and asked where the original papers were? I had to have them and the papers had to have the same number on it as the gas issued booklet. I asked how long she would be at the office. Two o'clock she told me.

I drove home and hoped I still had those papers as I looked in my receipt file. Yes! There the papers were! I quickly drove back to the office, but she was gone. She is a manager and has to attend several offices. Darn, I would have to return the next day.

In Beloved Baba's sweet love, Judy

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