Judy Stephens

Meherabad, 1952


16-23 Jan 2013

Jai Meher Baba to you all!

Wednesday 16 January 2013. I had a car pick Paul, my neighbor, and me up at 6:30 am to take us to Pune. Paul had to get his camera fixed and I also had my camcorders to service, plus I had to have my hair done.

We stopped for tea at the halfway spot. When we got to Pune we went to Yazdan Café and had toast-butter and more tea. We then shopped at Dorabji's before Paul had our driver drop me off at The Meriden Hotel, where the hair salon is located. Meanwhile, Paul took the camera to the camera shop and left them to be repaired.

When I was finished I had lunch and then we picked up Paul at some shopping center. Paul is a lot of fun and he has spent years in India. He had stayed with a Hindu family for a few years and learned to speak fluent Hindi, so he has agreed to help me schedule a learning program. Paul is my neighbor Marge's son.

Thursday 17 January. I went up the hill early to clean Mehera's shrine. When I finished I went for a power-walk before walking back to my room. I then did a DVD workout. It had been too long since the last one. It seems other responsibilities keep getting in the way. It is important for my health to do these workouts and I am going to have to fight my putting other things first.

In the evening there was a wedding reception for a couple that got married in America. The bride is from an old Baba family here in India. She has been coming to Meherabad since a child. Her father had the reception here in Meherabad so we too could celebration.

The yard at the home where it was held was all lit up with lights on trees and bushes. It was very pretty. The tables and food were served out in the garden. It was a lot of fun.

---photos of reception by Kitty Muir

Friday 18 January. I went up the hill early to take darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then went for a power-walk to the MPR and back to my room.

Later, I drove to the Trust compound and took a rickshaw into the bazaar. I wanted to buy some thick floor rugs for the watchmen at the Page house to use at night. Blankets on stone floors are not very comfortable.

In the late afternoon, at the Trust compound, our bus was taking pilgrims there to view the large art book made for Bhauji's birthday. Artist from different countries made two pages each. Marge, my neighbor, made her two pages with beautiful flowers and designs sewn from her sewing machine. I didn't go because I was just too tired. The next two days are going to be long ones, with lots of activities.

Saturday 19 January. I went up the hill early to clean Mani's shrine before taking darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then went to clean Baba's Room. I gathered my flowers when I finished and walked to the Jhopdi. As I was crossing the railroad tracks I noticed two deep holes on each side of the tracks. Hummm! What is that for I wondered? I will have to ask. I then did a quick clean of the Jhopdi and Table House.

---photo of deep holes from IPhone

The morning weather we have had lately reminds me of the USA winter weather before a snowstorm. The air is brisk with a cool breeze. I simply love this weather!

Parog, our car mechanic, came by to take my car to the shop. The front passenger door handle is getting stuck. So he will fix it. He said he would have the car back before noon.

I rode my scooter to the MPC. On the way I saw Steve and asked if he knew the reason for the holes at the railroad tracks? No, he said. He said they were all trying to figure it out. Then he said it is the Railroad Department and the Electric Company. He thinks a large arch will be put over just like at the village road crossing across the tracks.

I had time when I got to the MPC, so I walked across the street and took photos of the holes with my IPhone camera. The other camera I tried to use said I was out of batteries. Though I had put two new ones in from a pack I bought. I think the whole pack was old.

--photos of railroad track holes

No one was waiting at the MPC for the Tour of Historic Meherabad. This gave me the morning off. I went home and tried to be productive, but I am still tired and when I'm this way I just want to rest. But, just then Parog came back with my car. He had changed the outside door handle, which he showed the old one to me where it was broken. I sure do appreciate his availability to our needs here in Meherabad.

When Parog left I laid down for a rest. I think I push myself too much. I will be 69 years old this summer and it is possible the age is affecting the energy of my body. I'm just not used to not going at full speed. Of course, getting up at 4:30 am most days may have something to do with it.

I picked up Coo Coo (Rajshree) at Hostel-D and we drove to the wedding reception that was going to be on the rooftop of a resident's home. The house has a beautiful view overlooking the whole valley full of lights.

There was a lot of food and snacks. Tables were to one side and a large area was left open for dancing. The bride was Iranian. She had on a beautiful white gown with very small straps, and looked beautiful, as most brides do. They are both Meherabad residents who had gotten married in Mumbai, where the groom is from. I had mentioned before we have a large group of Iranian residents and pilgrims here. They love to dance and so everyone had lots of fun.

Being at Meherabad, we must stop at 10:00 pm. I dropped Coo Coo off and went home to a full night of sleep.

Sunday 20 January. I woke rested. I packed my sari and jewelry for later, putting them in my car. I drove to Meherazad and went to Mandali Hall to take darshan. After taking darshan in the Blue Bus I went to the main house.

I was early enough that I was able to help remove the window covers in Mehera's room. I then sat on Mehera's porch visiting until the pilgrims arrived. There were not many, so I spent visiting time on the porch. It was a relaxing morning.

When the bell rang for the program in Mandali Hall I went to Baba's room so we could keep it opened. They're almost always someone who wants to sit inside.

I helped close Mehera's room before leaving for lunch at Yash & Joli. I took my lunch to the Trust compound to eat it. But, I first went into the Chat room and saved a seat. Then I went into Upasni Maharaj's room to put my sari on. I stopped next door at Asha's so she could pin the top of the sari to my choli (blouse). From there I went back to the Chat room. There is a room joining the Chat room with a bed that helpers stay. After putting my jewelry on I laid down for a short rest.

When Bhauji came in he was in such a good mood, always having this grin of pleasure on his face. He is so very loving. He looked cute with blue suspenders and tie on.

----photos from my IPhone

When the Skype callers started talking to Bhau, since Bhau just had his birthday he was given lots of Happy Birthday wishes. One caller also asked if Baba celebrated any of the Mandali's birthdays? Yes, Bhau answered. He said Baba would give Prasad.

Another Skype caller asked who of the Mandali was Bhau closest to? Bhau said it was Eruch. Bhau said Eruch would also show him any letter Eruch would write. Bhau would tell Eruch 'right' or 'wrong', depending if it was done correctly.

Bhauji was in a talkative mood. There must have been some question asked about scorpions. Bhau said one time he was being the night watchman for Baba. He was sitting in the chair for the Mandali. As he was sitting he noticed a scorpion walking toward him. Bhau was not supposed to make any noise. But, he didn't want the scorpion to go to Baba. All of a sudden the scorpion stopped and stared at Bhau. Bhauji said he looked at the scorpion, and the scorpion looked at him. This went on for two hours!

Finally, the scorpion moved, but towards Baba's bed. Bhau said it would be better if he made some noise by quietly killing the scorpion rather that let it get to Baba. Bhau said he was as quiet as he could be. Baba didn't stir. Bhau sat down thinking he had not woken Baba. Just then Baba asked what the noise was about. Bhauji told Baba about the scorpion. Baba said, "kill snakes and scorpions". Baba also said Bhau did good work by killing the scorpion.

As for killing snakes, Bhau then told a story. He said one time he saw a snake in the garden, but he just could not kill it. He said he didn't know why, but he just looked at it and couldn't kill it. Meheru came over and killed it in a moment! Baba said to Bhau "What kind of Kalchuri are you?"

You see, Bhauji is from a family that had a dynasty called the Kalchuri Dynasty. So, Baba was teasing Bhau about what kind of man is he, he is from Kalchuri dynasty? And he can't kill a snake? Useless man!

It was another fun Chat with Bhau. I am so glad I starting going to them.

Monday 21 January. I got up early to take darshan in the Samadhi when the doors opened. I then went for a power-walk to the MPR and back to my room, after collecting my flowers. As I was crossing the railroad track, I noticed the deep holes had been filled in with cement except for a rectangular steel wall to support something in center part. Now, I realized that is for something permanent. Both holes, each side of the tracks, were filled the same.

I drove to the MPR later to add names to the volunteer signup sheet for Baba's Room cabin. I had left the signup sheet with Robin for a few days, as she had people who wanted to volunteer. I now had to add those names to the sheet at the MPR so other pilgrims would not sign in the same time slots.

---photos from my IPhone.

I took the photos on my way back up the hill for Samadhi duty from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. There were Trust women workers where the parking area is located. Maybe they were painting the rocks white.

Tuesday 22 January. I went up the hill early to clean Mani's shrine before taking darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then went to clean Baba's Room cabin. After gathering my flowers I walked back to my room and got ready for Meherazad.

After taking darshan in Mandali Hall and the Blue Bus I went to the main house. I was able to help remove the covers from the windows in both Baba's room and Mehera's room. I really like doing it, I feel like I'm part of the place.

We sat and talked on the verandah. When the pilgrims came they said there were only ten on the bus. Now, that is a slow relaxing day. There was an India couple that comes once or twice a year. They brought their grown son for the first time. I showed them Baba's room and told stories, as well as Mehera's room and the tree outside her window where Baba's face had appeared.

On the way home I stopped at BSNL, the phone company, to pay the phone bills and have Mr. Bhor show me again how to use the Internet on my IPhone. I had not used it since he showed me and I forgot.

When I got home I took a rest before going up the hill for Samadhi duty from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. It was not crowded, but there was a steady stream of pilgrims, so I was busy. After Arti I walked down the hill to my car with Coo Coo. I always drive to the railroad tracks when I have evening Samadhi duty. I dropped Coo Coo off by Hostel-D. Coo Coo lives in staff quarters next to the Hostel. She was telling me they are getting ready for the 1,200 Indian volunteers who will be here Sunday or Monday. The Indian volunteers help with security at the tents, security patrols, Samadhi line control, water, and many other areas.

Wednesday 23 January. I went up the hill early to take darshan when the Samadhi doors opened. I then went for a power-walk up and down the hill, then to the MPR and back to my room, collecting the flowers on the way. Later in the morning I did a DVD workout.

I had to go to the Meherabad Trustees office about something. While there I asked about the two new cement holes on both sides of the railroad tracks. Shridhar said a steel pole that can be hand lowered is going to be installed. I don't know if they will keep it permanently or only use it during Amartithi. No one knew the answer, so we will have to find out after Amartithi.

I did a DVD workout in the afternoon after my very restful nap. Then, a friend came over to check out my printer. She was having trouble printing official documents on the one she had and wanted to see if mine worked.

I had Parog, the car mechanic, come by to check the cigarette lighter device for music. On my way to Meherazad I was shifting into fifth gear when the gearshift pressed into the pin-drive and I heard a crack sound. I had partly broken the pin-drive even thought it still played with difficulty. I wanted to know if I also damaged the music device.

Well, Parog was just here and he said it seems the music device is okay. But, he said I would only know about the pin-drive part by using it. So, I will have to put music on another pin-drive.

In Beloved Baba's sweet love, Judy

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