MANifestation, Inc.:

Established in 1979-80.  The main publisher of long-time disciple Bhau
Kalchuri's writings, including his most important works such as "The Nothing
And The Everything" (part of Meher Baba's missing book) and the meaning of
the Manifestation, titled "Avatar Of The Age Meher Baba Manifesting."
For the past ten years, MANifestation, Inc. has been publishing "Lord Meher," a multi-volume biography of Avatar Meher Baba's life and work, written by Bhau. These high-quality hardbound editions contain a wealth of detailed information and hundreds of photographs. When completed, this epic pictorial biography will consist of approximately twenty volumes, totalling over 7,000 pages - among the largest works in the English language. At this point (1996), ten volumes have been completed and are available for purchase. (Volumes 1 and 2 are currently sold out and a reprinting is anticipated. The most recently published books contain more than one volume per book and average over 600 pages in length.)

For further information, contact:

MANifestation, Inc. P.O. Box 2024 Asheville, NC 28802 USA Fax: 704-251-2253

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