A book about Meher Baba's love to read and re-read,
and to share with people you love

Meher Baba's

Next Wave

Ordinary People's Encounters with God
A collection of Baba stories that will put warmth in your heart, stitches in your side, and Baba in your soul.

The LoveStreet LampPost review says: "As I read, I laughed, I cried, I sighed. I was surprised and amazedů This little book is full of heart, poignant, intimate and refreshing. Baba's signature is seen in each and every page. This is truly a great readů."

Author and editor Carolyn Ball first thought she was putting together a simple compilation of Baba tales. Only as the manuscript came to completion did it become clear that the stories were a composite picture of Meher Baba's Manifestation in action.

Those who stepped forward to share their stories came from the "hippie" generation. They never met Meher Baba in the physical, but dreaming of a world in love and peace, they were drawn to Him in their hearts. Ablaze with Baba's love, many of this "next wave" of lovers lived through years of seeking, gave up their experiments with drugs for the "Highest of the High," traveled around the world to the "Great Darshan of 1969," and learned from Meher Baba's close disciples who spent their lives in His service. This is their story, as told by a sampling from that generation: Heather Nadel, Jeff Wolverton, Will David, Cathy Riley, Winnie Barrett, Richie Blum, Gil Alvarado, Peter and Debbie Nordeen, Damien Triouleyre, Jane Brown, Bif Soper, Summer Turner, and Sheila Krynski.


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