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A Sampler of Quotations from Meher Baba

Though Meher Baba maintained Silence for almost the last 44 years of his life, he "spoke" first through an alphabet board and later through an elaborate set of gestures. He left many books and messages that his followers use for guidance in their day-to-day lives.

The following is a brief sampler of these quotations. To suggest others, write to the following email address: mh5@casbah.gatech.edu

Divine and Human Love

Divine love is qualitatively different from human love. Human love is for the many in the One, and divine love is for the One in the many. Human love leads to innumerable complications, but divine love leads to freedom. In divine love the personal and impersonal aspects are equally balanced, but in human love the two aspects are in alternating ascendancy. Human love in its personal and impersonal aspects is infinite in being and expression.

The Goal of Existence

There is no creature which is not destined for the supreme goal, as there is no river which is not winding its way towards the sea. But only in the human form is consciousness so developed that it is capable of expressing the perfection of its own true self, which is the Self of all."

Only God Is Real

Inscribe these words in your heart: nothing is real but God. Nothing matters but God.

How to Be Happy

Don't worry--be happy.

Respond to Your Heart

People seem to seek happiness but they make it so complicated that they become disgusted with the seeking. It is very simple! Let your head respond to your heart and then act accordingly.

God Will Solve All Difficulties

Trust God completely and He will solve all difficulties. Faithfully leave everything to Him and He will see to everything. Love God sincerely and He will reveal himself. And as you love, your heart must love so that even yu id is not aware of it. As you love God whole-heartedly and honestly, sacrificing everything at the altar of his supreme love, you will realize the Beloved within you.

Meher Baba's Silence

God has been everlastingly working in silence, unobserved, unheard, except by those who experience his infinite silence. If my silence cannot speak, of what avail would be speeches made by the tongue.

The Law of Karma

Everything and everyone in the universe is constrained to move along a path which is prescribed by its past. There is an inexorable 'must' that reigns over all things large and small.... The freedom which man seems to enjoy is subject to inner compulsions, and the environmental pressure, which limits the scope of reactions or molds the reacting self, is itself subject to the inexorable 'must,' which is operative in the past, present and future....One who lives for himself is truly dead and one who dies for God is truly alive.

The Avatar's Mission

I have come to remind all people that they should live on earth as the children of the one Father until my grace awakens them to the realizations that they are all one without a second, and that all divisions and conflict and hatred are but a shadow-play of their own ignorance.

The Gift of Love

I bring the Greatest Treasure which is possible for man to receive: DIVINE LOVE. Be ready to receive it...I repeat the call and bid all come unto me.

Lover and Beloved

The sojourn of the soul is a thrilling divine romance in which the lover, who in the beginning is conscious of nothing but emptiness, frustration, superficiality and the gnawing chains of bondage, gradually attains an increasingly fuller and freer expression of love, and ultimately disappears and merges in the divineBeloved to realize the unity of the Lover and the Beloved in the supreme and eternal fact of God as Infinite Love.

Practical Spirituality

The most practical thing in the world is to be spiritually minded. It needs no special time, place or circumstance. It is not necessarily concerned with anything out of the ordinary daily routine. It is just a simple question of having the proper mental attitude towards lasting value, changing circumstance and avoidable eventualities.

Personal Surrender

It is not possible to receive undying life in the Truth unless you surrender all resistance to it. You cannot drag along the prejudices of the past and yet hope to unfold Divinity within. You have to cut through the deposits of evolution and reincarnation squarely, accepting its opposites with equanimity while carrying on your duties in a spirit of selfless love and service.

Harmony in Diversity

I want you to be yourself--I do not want you to change your natures, but to please me by discipline and control of same. Try and learn, with all the varieties of human nature that I have created, to live in harmony with this diversity which is of my own doing. It is all illusion which all must endure on the spiritual path. And remember that I want from you all a harmony in the midst of diversity, not a harmony born of uniformity. In such a harmony I can do my work which I alone must do.

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