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Meher Baba

Being the highest and becoming the lowest I manifest Knowledge and assume ignorance at the same time.

Even though I know a certain thing will happen within a month, I may chalk out plans as if it was not to occur for years. Again, knowing that an event will not take place for years, I appear to expect it to happen shortly.

In Dnyan (Knowledge) there is Adnyan (Non-knowledge or Ignorance). But in Adnyan there cannot by Dnyan. Having all knowledge on the highest level, I can assume full ignorance on your level. In fact I am Infinite Knowledge, and as such I know what is to happen even after hundreds of years, yet I profess ignorance while I am on your level.

Even on the gross plane and in ordinary circumstances knowledge and ignorance can be manifested simultaneously. For instance, you say: I do not know how to swim. This implies that you know that you do not know how to swim. Were you not to know that you do not know, you could not have had this understanding. This is "knowledge of ignorance."

In the same way, I who am Knowledge itself manifest ignorance of knowledge. Knowing all, I seem not to know, at one and the same time.

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