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Eruch Jessawala

You ask why, if God is compassionate and loving, should there be suffering? This is a question many people have asked for centuries. And the answers the great ones have given over the years seem to suggest that suffering is necessary. That it is only through suffering that we are able to reach that place where suffering no longer exists.

Of course, so much of our suffering is self-created. We bring it on ourselves, and much of that can be avoided, but as long as we are in a human body, we will suffer, that is what the human body means, it is a vehicle of suffering.

But no matter what I say, it will not satisfy you. It will just be throwing out words until you experience for yourself that this is all illusion, and that you are really infinite knowledge, power, and bliss. No matter how much you tell a man he is dreaming, he will not be able to believe you unless, and until, he wakes up.

That is why Baba says that He has not come to teach us anything — what can you teach a dreaming man about the real world — He has come to awaken us. And, He assures us with His divine authority, that when we wake up, all of our suffering will be as if it has never been.


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