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If the God-realised soul returns to normal consciousness of the world of duality, it gets a universal mind. In the universal mind with which it is endowed, it also gets superfluous and unbinding sanskaras which are known as Yogayoga Sanskaras. In the Beyond state the Master is eternally free from all sanskaras, and even when he is conscious of creation and is working in creation, he remains unbound by the Yogayoga Sanskaras, which sit loosely upon his universal mind. The Yogayoga Sanskaras merely serve as channels for his universal work. They do not form a restricting chain to his consciousness.

The Yogayoga Sanskaras are automatic in their working. All the specific contacts and links to which the Man-God responds in his working are ultimately based upon these Yogayoga Sanskaras. These Yogayoga Sanskaras do not create a veil on the universal mind; they do not constitute a cloud of ignorance; they only serve as a necessary framework for the release of definitive action.

Through these Yogayoga Sanskaras the universal will of God is particularised in its expressions. Any action released in the world of space and time must be in relation to a certain definite situation or set of circumstances. There must always be some reason why a response is given to one situation rather than another and why it is given in one way rather than another. The basis for the self-limitation of the actions of a soul which is in spiritual bondage, is in its Prarabdha Sanskaras, which are binding. The basis for the self-limitation of the actions of a soul which is spiritually free, is in its Yogayoga Sanskaras, which are not binding.

If the Man-God were not to get these Yogayoga Sanskaras while coming down to normal consciousness, he would not be able to do any work of a definite nature. The Yogayoga Sanskaras help the Man-God to particularise and materialise the Divine Will through him, and to fulfill his mission.

The Master is and knows himself to be infinite in existence, consciousness, knowledge, bliss, love and power and always remains infinite in the Beyond state. But the work he does in the world of creation is subject to the laws of creation and is therefore in one sense finite. Since his work is in relation to the unveiling of the hidden Infinity and Divinity in everyone, and since the realisation of this Infinity and Divinity is the only purpose of the entire creation, his work is infinitely important; but when it is measured by the standard of results, it has to be, like any work possible in the world, so much and no more.

But even when the work of the Man-God is measured by the magnitude of results, the results achieved by the worldly minded are mostly trivial in comparison. The greatest souls who are in spiritual bondage cannot even approach the achievements of the Man-God. The Man-God has behind his work the infinite power of God, while the worldly man is working with the limited power available to him through his ego-mind. But sometimes even a Man-God achieves some limited task and then winds up his incarnation. This is not because he is limited in his power, but because the work which is determined by his Yogayoga Sanskaras, is so much and no more. He is in no way attached to work as such. Having finished the work given to him by his Yogayoga Sanskaras, he is ready to be re-absorbed in the impersonal aspect of the Infinite. He does not tarry in the world of unreality and duality a minute longer than is necessitated by his Yogayoga Sanskaras.


DISCOURSES, 6th Edition, Vol. 3, pp. 45-47
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