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Mani S. Irani

One afternoon He reminisced on Dhondibua the Mast who, when given anything for his material needs, would refuse it saying "I cannot bear comfort"! He would remain naked in all weather, be it in the blazing sun or piercing cold; and when a shirt or blanket were given to him by someone, he would gently but firmly reject the gift explaining that comfort did not agree with him and he could not bear any contact with it.

He said this was from the agony of love for God that the genuine Masts have. He went on "You cannot have the slightest idea of what such love means — it is an unbelievable agony that continually burns the lover, so that he is but a living fire! This Love is a gift from God, whereas God-realization is attained only by the Grace of the Perfect Master. Even these real men of God, the Masts, do not all gain God-realization — as a matter of fact, out of very many only one gets it! As Hafiz says in reference to God-realization:

'For ages the lovers of God long for and await
what but one in a hundred thousand achieves!'"

Baba went on to say that this Love such as the Masts have, is very very rare, and fortunately therefore it is not necessary for us to possess that in order to attain God — just "obedience" is enough for us; all we have to do is to obey Baba and nothing else will matter. Baba added, "It is as easy as that, to attain what is well-nigh impossible to attain!"

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