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Mehera J. Irani

One day, on still another walk on another new road, we came to a lovely secluded cottage with a pretty garden [Mt. Abu, 1949]. Goher asked the caretaker to show it to us, and we liked it so much. "Why did Baidul choose our house?" we wondered. "It's surrounded by roads, and Baba likes to be secluded. This cottage is perfect!" And we decided to show it to Baba when He returned from His work.

So when Baba was with us again and it was time for a walk, we took Him in that direction. The caretaker let us in, and we showed Baba the cottage. Then Baba walked out into the front verandah and, before stepping into the sunny garden, He opened His umbrella which He used to shade Himself from the sun. But the point of Baba's umbrella struck a beehive in the ceiling which none of us had noticed.

All the angry bees flew straight at Baba! We were so frightened. The others tried to protect Baba by waving their scarves and whatever they had at these bees. I had a beige felt hat with a broad trim, and I kept lightly tapping Baba's back with this to keep the bees away.

Baba went into the garden, and these bees followed us until we reached a fence which must have been their boundary, as at that point they turned back. Not a single bee had stung Baba, and we felt very happy that we had been able to shield and protect Him.

I then put my felt hat back on. But when I took it off later, what do you think happened? Two bees flew out. They had been in my hat all that time, and they had not even stung me!


MEHERA, p. 196
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