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On the 12th of every month Baba had ordered the Dhuni to be lighted here in Meherabad. You all happen to be here today (12th November). Today is the Dhuni day in Meher Ashram (lighting of fire). Dhuni is lighted at the place where Baba wrote His book. You all come and be present there at that time (about 6 p.m.) today evening when the Dhuni is lighted.

There are many types of thoughts, desires in the mind. Today try to burn one of your cherished thoughts in the Dhuni. Don't burn the body but BURN THE THOUGHT MENTALLY, for example, lust, anger, smoking-desire, desire for liquor etc. At least burn one such thought or desire or weakness of yours today....

Each of you try to sacrifice something to the burning fire in the Dhuni today, say, anger or prestige or greed for something, for example, wealth, etc. If you can give up anger, it will be wonderful. Give away something to the Dhuni fire today evening.


LIFE IS A JEST, p. 52-53, ed A. K. Hajra
1969 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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