Symbols of the world's religions


Francis Brabazon

Oh Glorious Eternal Ancient One,
     Em                              A
Your face is a bright transcendental sun.
    G                           D
Lighten this dark world and the tears I weep.
                   A7/D           D
My heart, Meher, I give to you to keep.

Creator yet creationless you are,
Truth and Truth's Body, Divine Avatar,
Who through compassion the three worlds maintains,
Destroy this ignorance that life sustains.

These five lights are the whirling spokes of breath
Of the world-wheel that bears me unto death
Unless You, who are infinitely kind,
Break the wheel's hub which is conditioned mind.

This incense is my love; these fruits, my art
Which to please You I have shaped from my heart.
Accept them as You would a simple flower
That has no use beyond its shining hour.

You are myself; I sing to You in praise
And beg Your Love to bear me through the days
'Til You, the Everliving Perfect One,
Illume my darkness with Your Shining Sun.

FROM THE SOURCE, Meher Baba Songbook, Vol. 1, p. 75
Copyright 1969 Francis Brabazon

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