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Ivy O. Duce

We cannot penetrate the dark jungle of our sanskaras with our own personal small flashlight — the light of our consciousness. We have to have more light, such as our master carries, to see by. How did he get more light? His master did for him what he will do for us....

Meher Baba has given the description of a ball of string. We can liken our sanskaras to a long series of pieces of string tied together and wound over a piece of stick into a ball. The stick would represent our inner light or soul-ray. The Sadguru (Perfect Master) has the power to cut through or unwind this mass of string and set us free, IF we give ourselves unconditionally to him and obey him in the conduct of our lives. He knows our karma and can lead us out of the maze of our good and bad sanskaras. We do not take prescriptions from two doctors at the same time for our malady. We go to a specialist. Sometimes we have to have a surgeon!

This idea is particularly repugnant to the average person of the western world who is insistent on free will and sure that, if he is given enough literature, he can read himself into Heaven. He overlooks the fact that it takes a much stronger exercise of his free will to be obedient to a master than to have his own way all the time. He is very sure that it was only in the past God produced saints. He even restricts those to his own form of religion and thereby whittles the infinite God down to his size!


WHAT AM I DOING HERE?, pp. 37-38
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