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Sam Kerawala

In the early years at Meherabad a nearby farmer became very close to Beloved Baba, and he would often sit with the mandali as one of them. All was well with him, except that he had a persistent backache which gave him considerable pain and interrupted his work. But he did not complain to Baba about his condition and pain.

One day when he was present, Baba complained about the effect the buffalo milk that He was given each day was having on His stomach, and He turned to the farmer and asked about his one cow.

"But Baba, she only gives barely a cup of milk each day."

Baba replied, "Never mind, bring Me tomorrow whatever milk you get from her. Do not keep any of it for yourself."

The next morning the farmer appeared with about two litres of milk, not the cupful that he normally got. Seeing this, Baba appeared as though angry, and said sternly, "You liar, you said you only ever receive a cup of milk daily!" and with that He struck the farmer such a blow that he banged against the wall, hitting his back as he did so.

When he arose he found that his back pain had disappeared, and it never returned.


THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, Vol. II, p. 181-182, Bill Le Page
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