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Part 1


Eruch Jessawala

It is a delight when the children come. They have such innocence, such purity. And we learn quite a lot from them. I remember one day Mani was telling the story of Baba's niece, who had come and was asking Baba questions. She couldn't understand why, since Baba was God, He had allowed awful things like scorpions and snakes and lizards to be created.

She had a real fear of such creatures, she could not tolerate their sight even, and so naturally when she asked Baba about the bad things in the world, this was the example she used. It was a child's example. Grownups ask why is there suffering, why is there disease, why are there wars, but this child wanted to know why Baba had permitted these noxious creatures.

Baba looked at her and commented on how pretty she was, and it was true, she was pretty. And then Baba went on, "And yet, each morning when you go to the toilet, don't you bring out filth from inside? You are beautiful, yet every day you produce such filth that you do not want to have anything to do with it. Isn't that so?"

And the girl agreed. "It is the same with Me," Baba replied. "The creation has come out of Me, and though you see Me as beautiful and loving, there came out of Me some things which seem like filth to you, which you would like to avoid just as there is filth which comes out of you, although you are beautiful. And it is that filth coming out of you which keeps you beautiful and healthy."

And the girl was satisfied with the answer. It made sense to her, she could understand it and she was satisfied.


THAT'S HOW IT WAS, pp. 25-26
1995 © Eruch Jessawala


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