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Arnavaz N. Dadachanji

To remain silent in the company of the residents of Meherazad was a very different experience. Peace pervaded every moment of that month as we silently moved through our daily chores. Since I was not residing there permanently, I had no regular duties, so Mehera gave me the jobs of watering the garden and cutting and sewing pieces to make a patchwork quilt.

At the end of forty days Baba sent for all the mandali at Meherabad and Ahmednagar to be in Meherazad to break their silence when He came out of seclusion on 1st August [1949]. We all gathered near the Blue Bus, where Baba had four of the mandali recite prayers from the Zoroastrian, Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions, and then we all broke our silence by saying "Amen" in our own languages.

After the prayers we women went with Baba to the main bungalow. The month of observing silence had held many beautiful moments for me, including the moment it ended. That whole day I felt joyful, and when I walked I felt as though I were floating above the ground.


GIFT OF GOD, p. 113
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


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