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Mani S. Irani

It is the "doing one's utmost" as directed by Baba that really counts. As I had cause to write to a Baba-lover recently concerning a project dedicated in Baba's Love:

"The result of any work we do in Baba's Cause is not measured by any achievement on our part, but by all that we have put of ourselves into the doing of it. Having worked hard and done our best at whatever we set out to do in His Love, the result will be as He wills it and would want it. Whereas we aim to achieve the one result we have worked on, He uses every step of our endeavour for manifold results through the actions and reactions that follow and are churned up."

In the pattern unfolded by this cancellation [of the December 1965 Sahavas] or the "making and unmaking" of a plan proposed by the Beloved, we experience a warm familiarity. It is yet another instance where literally "God proposes and God disposes," and we know that nothing that is directed by Him is ever lost or wasted.

We who have witnessed over the years the wondrous and manifold ways of Baba's working through the littlest thing set in motion by Him feel no doubt that all the combined energy given out by each who laboured towards the December Sahavas, all the concentration centered on Baba in the planning of it, has been used by Him for His work.

Our hearts humbly accept His decision, even though our minds cannot comprehend. But hasn't Baba said: "Do not try to understand Me, for My depth is unfathomable. Just love Me"!


LETTERS OF LOVE FOR MEHER BABA, pp. 376-377, ed. Jane Barry Haynes
1977 © EliNor Publications


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