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Bhau Kalchuri

Once, when I was keeping night watch near Meher Baba, he showed me the value and meaning in his being the Truth. It was summer and even at night it was very hot. But all the doors, windows and ventilators were closed in Baba's room as he instructed. Baba had turned his room into an oven. As we sat together, I was perspiring and he was also perspiring.

Baba sat on his bed and I was seated on the floor. He looked at me and asked, "What are you thinking?"

I replied, "Nothing." However, I was actually thinking that it was unbearably hot! Why does he want the doors, windows and ventilators to remain closed? Why did he want everything closed as soon as he retired into his room?

Baba again looked at me and gestured, "I am feeling cold tonight."

I immediately replied, "No, Baba, it is terribly hot!"

Baba repeated over and over, "I am feeling cold. It is cold tonight."

And I kept replying, "No, no, it is hot, very hot."

Finally, Baba got fed up with me and asked, "What do you take me to be?"

I replied, "You are God."

Baba gestured, "You take me to be God and yet you do not believe what I say?"

I realized that I should not have contradicted Baba. He continued, "If I am God, I am the Truth and Truth always speaks the truth. Truth cannot speak a lie ... If you had this conviction you would have felt cold because I said that it was cold."

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