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Bob Mossman

Baba spoke of darkness and light. Where, he asked the group, did darkness go when light appeared? "Light was knowledge which made all things appear clear in the consciousness. Darkness was ignorance," Wrote William [Donkin].

Baba also gave those assembled a detailed description of the seven planes that humans pass through on their involution to God-realization and the period of darkness that appears on the fourth plane of this journey....

"Spiritually darkness is the fourth plane, and all Avatars when they speak of darkness mean this fourth plane.... The first three steps are the first three planes, which lead us up to the House of God. The fourth plane is the threshold of the House of God, and it is in complete darkness. Here we are very easily misled, and if we fail, we tumble back down the three steps of the three planes and have to start up again."

Baba went on to say that if we are able to cross the threshold and make that transition under the safe guidance of a Spiritual Master, then we suddenly reach light and the fifth plane when one actually feels God.

"Then we go further into the House of God and see God; and then we go up to God and become one with Him on the seventh plane."


SLAVE OF LOVE, pp. 76-77
2012 © Robert Stanley Mossman


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