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Margaret Craske

After His first visit to England in 1931, Baba on His way to America visited Constantinople. He then went on to Genoa, from where He sailed to New York.

Meredith Starr accompanied Baba and the Indian disciples on this trip. He was at that time trying so hard — in spite of his love for Baba — to prove his importance and independence that he forgot Baba's first wish for everyone was that they should give Him scrupulous obedience.

Early one morning the train was held up at some very large station, and Meredith on waking decided to go to the nearest washroom and clean up prior to dressing himself. As he passed Baba's compartment, Baba saw him and signed to him not to go to the washroom at this time. Seeing no reason for this order, Meredith decided to go anyway.

He had on a knee-length dressing gown, his legs were bare, and he carried his sponge bag and a small towel. The washroom was in the next carriage, behind the one in which his berth was situated. When Meredith had finished his ablutions, he started back towards his berth, but found that in the meantime some shunting and uncoupling had taken place, and that Baba and the rest of the train had disappeared!

And all because of a small piece of disobedience, poor Meredith, a very pompous gentleman, had to wander half-clad round a large international station, causing a certain amount of amusement as he searched for the runaway train. And he had no sense of humor to help ease the situation for him!


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