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Keshava Narayan Nigam

Chief Worker in Hamirpur District

The spark of Baba's love had touched my heart deeply, so that I was getting closely drawn to Him. A great desire to serve Baba every moment was surging in my heart. Baba had become the be-all and end-all of my life although I had not yet physically met Him. His work appeared to me to be the only real thing worth doing and all else appeared to me false and illusory.

I longed for Baba's physical contact which I began by writing a letter to Him every morning after reaching Rewa. I did this from 26th September '48 to 10th October 1948. I received a reply to some of these letters from Baba's Secretary Adi K. Irani, that contained the reply to my letters from 26th September to 4th October 1948. Baba had expressed His happiness at the contents of my letters and permitted me to write letters to Him once or twice in a month.

In his letter Adi K. Irani informed me, "He (Baba) tells you and your dear wife not to worry about anything. He has His 'NAZAR' on you both and your children." How happy were we to have received from God Baba His Divine 'NAZAR'! — a 'NAZAR' for which the aspirants so fervently long and for which saints and yogis practise penance for ages and ages.

Baba's assurance of 'NAZAR' was clarified to me by an incident. Adi K. Irani's envelope which was addressed to me in English was pushed in through the door of my house by the postman on 10th October 1948 along with other letters. My 8 years old daughter Meher Prabha and 4 years old daughter Meher Jyoti brought all those letters to me shouting with joy, "Meher Baba's letter, Pappa! Here Meher Baba's letter!" Though none of them knew English at all, yet they sorted out from the lot Adi's letter, which was addressed in English. When I opened the envelope I found that my both daughters had truly sorted out Baba's letter, and this made me feel how Baba's 'NAZAR' was on my whole family!

Bearing the seal of Baba's Divine 'NAZAR' on me, I started my office work and Baba's work simultaneously at Rewa. Because Vindhya Pradesh province was still in the making and in the early stage of organization, I had not much office work to do and hence I had ample time at my leisure. So I used to devote much of my time in telling people, who came into my contact, about Meher Baba and give to them Baba's literature whatever I had. And, at home I used to translate into Hindi the book Avatar by Jean Adriel, for which Baba had already mercifully permitted me while I was at Nowgong.


© Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham, Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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