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William Donkin

July 14th 1945

Since my last entry so much has happened that I don't really remember all the things that I ought to write.

At the beginning of June Baba went off on a mast tour to Bezwada, and came back after about 3 days there, it was so hot that he almost became ill. When he came back he was very much out of sorts, and hasn't yet really got better properly; though he is improving. Lately he has been on a short mast tour to Gulbargh and Wadi; it appears that there was a Majzoob in one place near Wadi, and this fellow rolled on the ground embracing Baba, he was so happy to meet him — when God meets God, I suppose strange things happen. There was a mast after Ghani's heart in another place, who drank from dawn till night, and so did his circle of devotees; he was, Baba says, v good mast.

Baba has explained that a mast, when he is suddenly transported to one of the planes as a result of his sanskaras, and so becomes a mast from a normal man, continues to do with his body, the last thing he was doing prior to his landing into one of the planes, thus Gustadji, if he became a mast, would collect odd bits of paper and string etc. like he does now, only endlessly.

I have been trying to treat Baba's indifferent health, though this is really not easy. He told me the other day, when we were discussing the steps to be taken about getting him fitter, that I was like all his intimate eastern disciples, and not like his intimate western disciples, because I believed him to be all powerful, and that he can make himself fit as and when he pleases; and this is more or less true, because as a patient he is impossible.

When I go up to the house I usually sit with Baba for 1/2 hour or more; he talks a fair amount about the war, and the present Simla conference for India's future; whatever the apparent outcome of the conference, it will eventually lead to Hindu Moslem civil war; also he says that behind the veil of agreement and harmony, as for example, at the San Francisco conference, lies terrible suffering.

I got a moderate ticking off for giving some toffees to Rano the other week, and she was made to return them to me; but Baba teased me quite nicely really.

I am to go off on a mast tour with Baba at the end of next week, for about a week, which should be interesting.

He is talking a lot about going to U.S.A. soon; perhaps next year, and tells me I shall be coming with him.

Baba explained to Ghani the other day the difference between a Qalander, a Salik, and a Majzoob. A majzoob is drowned in the ocean of God; a salik is up to his neck in the ocean of God; i.e. his intellect and senses are in the outer world; whereas a Qalander sits upon the surface of the ocean of God; and this third state of the Qalander is the most perfect state, since the Qalander has full control of the outer situation, and of himself, and so can help humanity better; Avatars are qalanders.


DONKIN'S DIARIES, pp. 241-242
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