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Dr. Harry Kenmore

This time Meher Baba has virtually said, "Come into Me". Avatar Meher Baba is the first Avatar who has not insulted our intelligence. He has not come issuing fairy tales about His beginning and about His purpose on earth. Instead, He has issued this call to our maturity. In His deathless work, God Speaks as well as in The Everything and the Nothing and in His Discourses He appeals singularly and meaningfully to our maturity.

He has opened the doorless door through Him to this Self-realization. He is the Entrance through which we gain our Ultimate. No more shall we follow the path of a philosophy which keeps us bound like ruminants in the horizontal roaming back and forth on the face of the earth, not knowing whence we've come, why we've come and where we are going. Rather, He has given us the complete saga of who we are.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol. 1, No. 3, p. 1
1970 © Dr. Harry Kenmore


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