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Meher Baba

A visitor who was practicing some "sadhana" — spiritual discipline — came for Baba's darshan. He told Baba about his dreams wherein he found himself flying in the air and asked, "Baba, has this any special meaning spiritually?"

Baba said, "What meaning? Only that of a dream! We see birds flying. What does that mean spiritually? In ancient times some yogis were so powerful that they too could fly like birds. For a lover of God such things are neither important nor essential."

Baba asked those sitting before Him whether they had had such dreams. Some hands were raised. "Then such dreams are not uncommon," said Baba, and pointing to one bulky member among the mandali Baba smilingly remarked, "Even such a plump person can fly in a dream — what a wonder!"

Baba continued, "Whether you walk on water or fly in air, whether it be in a dream as you had or in the normal awake state, as the ancient yogis did, these things have no meaning spiritually, or very little meaning, worth ignoring.

"Try honestly to love God and you will realize that, except love, all other things are meaningless."


DARSHAN HOURS, pp. 1-2, Eruch Jessawala & Rick Chapman
1971 © Meher Baba Information


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