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Bal Natu

Baba conveyed, "I am fed up with all this bowing down; the gods bow down to Me so what need is there for humans to do so!" Baba explained that He wanted workers who did not just make a show of worship, but were willing to live and die for Him....

The informal conversation continued and someone said, "Baba, when we tell people about you, they ask us what has happened to us, in our lives, since coming into the orbit of Your love. Some of us feel hesitant to relate our personal experiences of Your love, compassion and divinity, for fear that others will think we are trying to show off. But if we don't mention our personal experiences, then we are not doing full justice to Your unconditional love. So what should we do in such situations?"

Baba seemed pleased at this question and assured them all that when it came to sharing His love through relating personal experiences, one need not worry about being egotistical. Of course, Baba cautioned, one should not exaggerate one's experiences for effect; one had to be honest in one's recounting and careful that the emphasis always was on Baba and not on the experience itself.

Baba concluded, as long as one is sincere and earnest, He, the Avatar, would see to it that His lovers' egos do not become inflated. Hence they should not worry, but should freely share His love.

Baba then went on to explain the ego's tricks in some detail, observing:

There is a world of difference between modesty and humility. Modesty is weakness, but humility is strength. The moment you say, "It is not my ego," or "in all humility I say," that very expression is egotistical.

No sooner is humility given expression in words, than it is no longer humility. The life of humility is to be lived spontaneously and it should not give rise to any thoughts either about humility or modesty....

To try to be humble is humbug. You must be so natural that your life becomes humility personified, which is then all strength and free from any weaknesses....

Be natural. Whatever you are, express it unmindful of reactions of others. If you are dishonest, don't try to hide yourself behind the curtain of honesty. That, however, does not mean that you should be dishonest. What I want to say is that you should be most natural rather than be the least bit hypocritical.


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, pp. 167-168
1987 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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