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Esoteric Facts Given Out By Baba, Part 2


Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsif

"A Qutub or Sadguru at the fag-end of his mission in life always takes care to appoint his chargeman to whom he transfers all his spiritual heritage. That which is given by a Master to the chargeman is not power which is already in him but the authority to use it for the spiritual awakening of others.

The beginning or end of a cycle of time connotes the Avataric period (Daur-e-Nabuwwat), when one from amongst the five Perfect ones, the Qutub-Aqtab or Prophet has 120 members to his esoteric circle, i.e. 10 concentric circles consisting of 12 members in each and each outer circle being subservient or dependent in point of duty to the inner one.

Besides, the other members of the circle who perform duties much in the manner of different vital organs and limbs of the body in order of their utility and importance, it always falls to the lot of the one from amongst this number to play the unenviable role of 'Judas'."

(to be continued)


1975 © Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center


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