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Body cannot be "I," so why for twenty-four hours per day do you identify "I" with body? When a child, one says, "I am hungry, thirsty," again when old, one says, "I am hungry," etc. If one is body it would mean that one grew from childhood to old age and one would be only the limited body.

The reason for this false identification is not because people wouldn't understand. In dreams we eat, drink, fight, etc.; in the subtle-world, gross senses are used: so "I" is not the body, but we continually identify because since ages past the self, which is not limited and is infinite, has been, due to the first illusion, in the habit of identifying itself with body.

In the early states, intellect was not evident, but now in the human form, when intellect is present, the Self still identifies itself with the body. This is due to the habit of ages, when intellect was not present. Hafiz says, "You who do not come out of the age-old habit of being ignorant can never realise your self as Infinite."

It is said, and truly, God has no beginning and no end. He is Eternal. If He had no beginning, what was there before Him? God. What was before God? God. One can never reach beyond "no beginning." The answer is always God.

What will there be after billions of years? God. So this means actually in eternity there is no time; nothing has ever happened or will happen.

You all were there, are today, and will be in billions of years. Why do you not remember what happened billions of years ago? Because nothing happened. Only God is.

To say that God is, was and will be is wrong, because we depict time in saying so. Just God is. So I have said that nothing has happened, nothing will happen. All happenings, in eternity, happen now. There is no time. This is a secret which even I cannot express. It must be experienced, but I do what I can through intellect.

Today, due to impressions of yesterday, produced certain results. But actual happenings of yesterday have stopped, so nothing has really happened.

Illusion says everything happens. God says nothing happens.

When you are in the grip of this "I," which due to ignorance identifies itself with the body, illusion governs you; but when you know the Truth, you govern illusion.


THE TURNING OF THE KEY, pp. 351-352, Bill Le Page
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