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Dr. Abdul Ghani

Thirty-six years of fasting, penances and solitude by Hazrat Baba Farid found him no nearer his goal — Self-realization. He therefore came to Ajmer (India) to seek discipleship of Khawja Moenuddin Chisti, the Perfect Master of the time. As Baba Farid approached he saw the Master seated on the ground and leaning against a dry, leafless tree. He felt distressed that the Master of the age should be resting under such an unworthy tree, and with his psychic power made the tree green and leafy. The Master looked up at the tree and made it dry again. Again Baba Farid turned it green, and again Khawja return it to its former state.

After this confusing duel, the Master stopped his well-meaning but misguided visitor and said: "Farid, have you come to learn perfection or to demonstrate cheap powers born of long asceticism? Divine nature wants the tree dry and leafless; who are you to interfere? Go to Delhi where Kutubuddin, my disciple, will teach you a lesson."

Baba Farid went to Delhi as ordered and found Khawja Kutubuddin playing with children. Baba Farid was at this time very old, and he thought the Master Khawja Kutubuddin to be very much younger than himself. This thought was immediately read by the Master and he at once left the children and retired to his house. After a time he emerged completely transformed, robed, white-bearded and leaning on a long staff. He said: "Tell me, Farid, do I now look old enough to be your Master?" The utterance of these words instantaneously imparted God-consciousness to Baba Farid. After a time, the Master bestowed upon Baba Farid the robe of discipleship and allowed him to depart.

This course of events highlights two points often emphasized by Meher Baba. The first is, however long and hard is one's self-imposed asceticism or yoga, the goal of Self-realization cannot be achieved without the Grace of a living Master. The second point is the question of connection or spiritual relationship, the result of past preparation. Here we have a Perfect Master, capable of giving Realization, but nevertheless directing the aspirant to another Master. Baba Farid has spiritual connection with Khawja Kutubuddin and not Khawja Moenuddin Chisti.

IT SO HAPPENED, pp. 68-69, ed. William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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