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Elizabeth Patterson

Love is as you experience it. Love varies with degree, and the ultimate final state of Union with God.

Meher Baba in His 'Sayings' has stated: "True love means the dedication of one's self or the complete surrender of one's self to the Beloved. It seeks the happiness of the Beloved without the least thought of obtaining happiness from the Beloved."

There is little question that most of us desire love for the sake of our own happiness, at least indirectly. Yet we might pause to consider that our fountains of inspiration — the great love poems of the ages, the great music which throughout all time has inspired love, the rare expressions in art that have stimulated the heart of multitudes — would in most instances never have been created if the artists had fulfilled their own earthly happiness.

The background of the artist's life is usually one of unsatisfied longing. It is the very difficulty of the attainment of true love that, like the ever receding "Holy Grail," lures the soul from profound depths to ever greater heights. The heart that love has carved deep can contain greater and greater love. The bliss of God is a state beyond the dual action of experiencing love, for it is its very Source.

The final state has been intimated by Christ in His words: "I and My Father are One."


TREASURES FROM THE MEHER BABA JOURNALS (1938-1942), p. 3, ed Jane Barry Haynes
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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