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The ordinary man, whose urgent need is to relax from the stress of life, to lessen the sense of insecurity and try to fill the emptiness within (for which greed and war are mostly responsible), turns instinctively to the fleeting diversion of entertainment — and the film world affords this to a great extent.

The film world therefore, which still has one of the greatest scopes for influencing the lives of myriads, should ask itself whether it is utilizing its spiritual potential to the full so that man may be helped in his search for Truth, or merely pandering to his pleasure in the false; whether it is encouraging and inspiring youth to face the responsibilities of the world of tomorrow, or retarding youth's inner growth with an overdose of sex and crime films; and whether it is striving after wealth and fame at the cost of man's inherent thirst for the spiritual and uplifting.

The correct solution of every problem can come only from Indivisible Truth. There can be no fictitious cleavage in the unity of life by magnifying the often fallacious distinctions between theory and practice, the artificial and the natural, the real and the false. The emphasis on every aspect of the One Indivisible Life must be on the underlying unity, and not on apparent differences — and this applies with as much force to those in the film world as to those in the outer world.

The great initiator of the Truth of your being is Divine Love — Love that burns the limiting self, that disarms all fears, that rises above temptations, that is deaf to the voices of lust and jealousy, that expresses the infinite spiritual potential. Those in the film world have also to play their part unreservedly in the divine game of life, aspiring to the highest within them; then only can they find real beauty, and then only can they fully express it.


THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 125-126, ed. Filis Frederick
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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