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K. K. Ramakrishnan

Avatar Meher Baba used to say that Sai Baba had lustrous eyes. The light in his eyes attracted most persons towards him. All Perfect Ones are unique. If there was a physical characteristic that set him above other men, it was his eyes. The eyes of this Perfect One were so luminous with such power and deep penetration in his gaze that no one could look into them for long. One felt that he was reading the story of the soul from the time of his creation; nothing could be kept secret from that gaze. Once those eyes beheld one, that look was never forgotten. After seeing his face and eyes, people could only bow to him in worship as their Lord.

A Perfect Master (Qutub) is the centre of creation, his every act has great spiritual significance. It is said that Sai Baba's every act and movement possessed a spiritual significance depicted in numbers.

Sai Baba begged for his food every day; usually he would beg for only bread at five different houses in Shirdi. At each doorstep he would call out, "Mother, give me bhakri," or "Mother, give me roti." The five houses he made a point of visiting daily for begging for his food were symbolic of the five Perfect Masters (Sadgurus), who adorn this earth at all times and at whose doors the whole universe is supplicating for spiritual salvation and material welfare.


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