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Kitty Davy

A very beautiful and soul-touching ceremony was carried out by Baba at 9 a.m. on the morning of December 24, 1951, in His seclusion quarters at Meherazad. The day before, Baba had sent over to us a list of His devotees and disciples who had passed away during the years with Him and these names were read out at the ceremony. Heading the list of eighty-seven men and thirty-seven women were Baba's father and mother. Several messages dictated by Baba were read out, and in one He said:

"Since the spirit is immortal, so these whose bodies have returned to the earth are still living in the spirit. And yet, today I feel constrained to offer homage to the flame of sacred love — which is so dear to God — that burns in every loving heart; the same flame that burned with different intensities in the hearts of all these departed ones....

"The one Indivisible, Infinite, and Eternal God, who is in everything and in everyone, because He is the Soul of all souls and yet is beyond everything and everyone, who knows everything because He is the Mind of all minds, is being invoked by Baba through His various names to help Him through the instrument of His Infinite Power, Love and Mercy."

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