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Eruch Jessawala

The period that we are now in is exceedingly special because direct relatedness with the Divine Being, the Avatar, is most available. His atmosphere and influence remain for one hundred years even after He has dropped the body. Therefore, His cardinal advice which should never be forgotten is: "Hold on to My daaman. Remember that I love you so that you can reflect My love. Be loving towards all, be honest, simple, natural and childlike."

That is all that we have to do. That is our path — no more than that. That also is our spirituality for everything lies in holding on to Him. There is nothing beyond that. All the rest — the philosophies, the theologies, etc. — has no meaning, for true spirituality lies in our relationship with Meher Baba.

True spirituality is total effacement without giving a thought that we are taking this step or the next in our spiritual progress. The practical way of effacement then is simply to hold on to Him and to be simple and natural. In this way, we wear ourselves out by holding on to Him. It sounds so simple but it is very difficult.

Accordingly, we have not to concern ourselves with following some spiritual path because in holding on to Him, wherever we are, that becomes the path. Even if you turn away from Him, the path will follow you wherever you go for He will give you another opportunity to turn back to Him. Remember that He is the pivot and as long as the concentration is all on Him, there is no such thing as path.

What happens is that when our focus is on Him, whatever path there is will follow us because we are headed towards Him. We have nothing to do with "path". We have no time for that for we are all the time focusing on Him. That is the advantage of those who come in to the orbit of His love. The path follows them while for other wayfarers they have to follow some path.

However, for the latter there will come a time when the Beloved is available and they will be able to focus on Him alone and then there will be no need for a path.

The lovers of Meher Baba do not follow any path because they have the Beloved. They have direct contact with Him, so their energies, their might, their soul and their very being are all focussed on Him....

One must remember that the dispensation is ever there to dispense with the path when the Beloved, being the goal, brings Himself into our midst.


THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 218-219, ed Naosherwan Anzar
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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