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Bhau Kalchuri

God comes as the Avatar to wipe out the unnaturalness in human consciousness and this is known as the forgiveness of sins. This forgiveness is not through words, but through his actions. His forgiveness wipes out the sanskaric unnaturalness in each individual.

What is this sanskaric unnaturalness of human consciousness called sins? Unnaturalness or sin is produced by those actions, which in turn produce terrible sanskaric obstructions, making one unable to follow the path toward Truth. Thus, the realization of God, which ought to be most natural for human consciousness to achieve, becomes impossible to achieve. And God, who is most close to man, seems most far.

Hypocrisy is the worst kind of sin, and it is called unforgivable, because it is the worst, most unnatural condition of human consciousness. Hypocrites are in the worst of predicaments, because they pose to be that which they are not. Hypocrites are therefore the most unnatural of persons.

The actions which are unnecessary for progress toward the path of Truth are unnatural actions, and these unnatural acts produce more unnatural impressions. These are the sins which delay the development of involutionary consciousness — the natural progress of human individual consciousness.

The natural aim which help one to follow the path to Truth, and thereby enter one's own involution are natural sanskaric actions. Those actions which prevent one from following the path toward involution are unnatural sanskaric actions — sins.

Sinful actions produce unnatural impressions which produce unnatural states of human consciousness, and so human beings find themselves in unnatural situations.


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