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Bhau Kalchuri

God is always present in his real impersonal form, but it is impossible for people with gross consciousness to imagine this real form of God. The real, impersonal, infinite and indivisible form of God is utterly beyond imagination.

Imagination always creates forms, and the consciousness of individual limited imagination always feels convinced of the existence of anyone or anything so long as it has a form. So, God who is without form and body, has to take form and a human body, age after age, in order to convince humanity in illusion that God is infinite and without form or body.

God took human form in the body of Meher Baba in this age, and since God takes form to awaken humanity in illusion to the infinite, impersonal and formless God, Meher Baba's physical body has a tremendous impact on the imagination of humanity. This is why people experience his physical presence more intensely now than when he was in the body.

People experience his presence through visions, dreams, films, photographs, paintings and stories from his life. Through the medium of the Avatar's physical body, the impersonal, formless God has revealed himself. Because of Meher Baba's work, the imagination feels the impact of his presence, even though the Avatar is no longer in physical form.

The imagination of humanity sees the form of God through the Avatar's body, and his formless, real presence is felt through the force of love in the heart. The result of this experience is to turn human consciousness toward the real, impersonal and formless God, who Meher Baba really is.


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