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Mehera J. Irani

The story of Foundy and how he was "found" is very interesting. Elizabeth had gone to the train station in Quetta, and while there a peculiar sight caught her attention. A very handsome dog, black in colour with thick fur, kept jumping on each train as it stopped at the station. The dog would rush into the compartments only to be pulled off by the train attendants. Again and again the same scene was enacted as a new train halted at the station.

Elizabeth's curiosity was aroused and so she asked the station master about the dog. He told her that this dog had been owned by a military officer. When the officer was transferred, he gave the dog to his friend. But the dog's loyalty to his master was really out of the ordinary. From the day the dog saw his owner leave Quetta on a train, he had been valiantly trying to board each train in quest of his missing master.

Elizabeth's heart went out to this orphaned dog. She brought him home and told Baba the sad story. Baba felt compassion for the dog and, understanding Elizabeth's deep concern for animals, allowed her to keep it. Baba named the dog "Foundy" because he was found.


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