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Bhau Kalchuri

Power is the secret of the fourth plane, the secret to Kuber himself; if the Power is kept secret and not made use of for selfish purposes, it is the very means of further progress.

The pilgrim who does not use his powers at all while traversing the fourth plane steps into the fifth plane of safety and friendship with God in the mental world. However, he who uses his powers for the benefit of others and not once for himself, bypasses the fifth plane altogether; he enters directly the sixth plane of the mental world and sees the World of the Beloved.

Kuber stands at the threshold of the Beloved, Astan-e-Janan; It is the Beloved who beckons him to use his powers to help others, and it is the Beloved who tempts Kuber. So if Kuber must use his powers it must be out of love for the Beloved — Janani, but since he does not see the beloved and the footing is treacherous while crossing the threshold, Kuber is always caught between what he desires and what the Beloved desires.

The human beings on the fourth plane have a particular physical characteristic — beware of their glance. The eyes of Kuber are penetrating in their gaze and his gaze is profound in its depth. If Kuber stares at anything for even a minute, the thing crumbles to dust! Thus Kuber's stare is always roving.

He never gazes fixedly at any one thing or one person (even Indra will not meet Kuber eye to eye). The roving of Kuber's eyes is out of pride, as the great king's eyes rove over his great treasure and his eyes rove over his kingdom, for he is proud of his attainment of Infinite Power. Kuber's pride is the pride of owning everything.

Alm-e-Mahfuz is the last heaven of the subtle world and is called the Protected or Secured World; Infinite Power has been secured and Kuber can do anything — good or bad — but he has no divine knowledge. So, the Sadgurus always protect such a person and do not allow Kuber to misuse his great powers, yet he holds the powers in his own hands.

Because of the protection given by the Sadgurus, the fourth heaven is called the Protected World. The secret of Infinite Power is also closely guarded by the Sadgurus.

Power is a secret — the secret to the subtle world — and the heavens provide the enjoyment of all secrets and enchantments.


1981 © Bhau Kalchuri


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