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Eruch Jessawala

It is well to remember that Baba often said that love is a gift from God to man, obedience is a gift from Master to man and surrender is a gift from man to the Master. That gift of obedience is inherent in each one of us and we must bring it into play when Baba wants us to obey Him, for once we accept Him as our Lord and Master, acceptance includes His gift of obedience.

I recall visiting a cinema-house one day to see the film "The Ten Commandments" and at the end, Baba remarked to me, "People believe that the ten commandments were given from above. Little do they know that these commandments are latent in every human being and what was shown on the two tablets are only symbolical representations. Every human being is aware of these commandments, but human nature is such that every effort is made to circumvent them."

If we take the trouble to analyse ourselves, we will discover that awareness of His pleasure and displeasure is inherent in us. We know basically what we should and should not do but we are constantly looking for loop-holes. Baba has said that to obey Him one does not have to be told what is right or wrong for He has already given us the gift of obedience and it is up to us to use it well.


1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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