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Kitty Davy

We now come to the Truth underlying all Meher Baba's workings: that God alone is real, so Love only is real. Love is what Baba first awakens and it is what He emphasizes continually. He asks nothing of you until you love; and the love that He awakened in this writer eight years ago, after only three days contact with Him at His retreat in Devonshire, has never been quenched. It was as if a dam burst and the years of longing for goodness, truth and beauty were at last satisfied.

It takes One who is Divine Love to awaken Divine Love. As each fresh cycle approaches and human nature becomes more receptive, fresh and higher glimpses into Divine Love are given by the Avatars to the world. Christ taught that love of your neighbor is second only to love of God. May it be that the Avatar of today, Meher Baba, when He manifests His true being to the world, will have even a deeper meaning to give to the concept of Divine Love. One thing is certain: God's Love is not perfectly understood by man. We cannot have perfect knowledge of Divine Love until our knowledge is perfect; so the Avatar will always be misunderstood.

How does Meher Baba want you to express your love? In selfless service done cheerfully and happily. This is His first and last order. Selfless service in all external actions as well as selfless service in internal actions. This is spiritual renunciation. It is continual, unceasing, this struggle for self-mastery, the road to perfect knowledge leading to perfect service.


TREASURES, pp. 41-42
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