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But the next day, 4 May 1932, was not a happy one, for they received word that Baba's father had died on 30 April at the age of 79. Ramjoo had sent a cable to London on the 1st, saying, "Father Sheriarji expired Bombay last night," and Quentin forwarded the message to Lugano.

Previously, during the middle of the night on 30 April, Baba had suddenly clapped and called Adi Sr. Baba pointed to his chin and then threw his hands upward. But Adi could not follow Baba's gestures and Baba had sent him away. Only after the news arrived did Adi realize what Baba was gesturing that night. Pointing to his chin had signified a beard, Baba's gesture for an old man.

Baba consoled his brothers Beheram and Adi Jr., and explained to them about death, "Death is necessary and is like sleep. When a person awakes from sleep, he finds himself as he was. However, after death, a person finds himself in a different atmosphere and in a different body. Both death and birth are dreams. Where is the sense in being merry or miserable for the sake of a dream?

"Bobo's death, however, is not sleep. He has gone beyond it and is awake forever! He is emancipated and has gained mukti [liberation]."

Memo was cabled: "Father Sheriarji is near me. Don't worry. Mind your health. Should I send Adi? Wire immediately. Baba."

At the time of their father's demise, Adi Jr. and Beheram were with Baba, and Jalbhai was with the other mandali in China. Memo and Mani had been with Bobo in Bombay, where he had been admitted to a hospital, but he sent them back to Poona just a day or so before he died. Now, Sheriarji was with his Beloved Son forever! Bobo received his divine reward for the life of a dervish, and his ascetic austerities were finished forever.

Sheriarji's body was taken to the Tower of Silence in Bombay.


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