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Kitty Davy

At another time He said, "Love and forget. This is the only thing that matters and it pays.... Learn to jane do [let go] — to give up wanting the last word. Why do you care to be understood when you know you are right? Give up all wants and be happy. But you must try consciously."

Then Baba, with His ready sense of humor, tenderness and love, knowing we were all trying, although failing so repeatedly, would add the sweet to the bitter and continue: "Now be happy. I forgive you all, but go on trying. How about going away for the summer?"

Several places would be suggested and Baba would call for the opinion of a few of the group on Mysore, Hyderabad, Panchgani and Bangalore. Of course Baba had it all planned; two of His mandali had already gone ahead as usual to prepare for Baba's particular work with the masts and the poor.

Yet He liked to give us a choice sometimes and watch our reactions, our interest and keenness and whether also we were considering His work, because all knew travel with Baba was never a "soft cushion." Hardships were the order of the day rather than the exception.


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