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Mr. Justice P. K. Sarkar

Love is silent and the great propounder of the message of love has been maintaining an unbroken silence for the last 35 years. Silence is the language of the heart, while speech is the language of the brain. In religion, there is an eternal conflict between the intellect and the heart, and Meher Baba has solved the conflict by giving due place to the heart. Words are useless, if they cannot touch the heart. He has taken upon Himself the mission of awakening our hearts, of rending the veil of ignorance which separates us from the divine love within ourselves and this is a work which can be best done in silence.

He has introduced the Gospel of Silence in a world which has turned into a veritable Tower of Babel drowning in its din, bustle and confusion the still small voice of Love. The lovers do not speak but enjoy the communion of Love in silence. If we are to be in communion with the great spirit enveloping the earth, we cannot disturb it by speech, but must adore it in silence. Is it therefore any wonder that the great Awakener is silent?

Love may be silent but is not inactive, and our Beloved is incessantly active both on the material and on the spiritual planes, in spite of His silence. Love will not give any rest to the lover. The lover must strive to make the beloved happy, bring all his gifts and talents at the feet of the beloved and be prepared to sacrifice his all and even his life for the beloved.

Our Beloved Meher Baba also strives incessantly to make his lovers happy. His acts are more eloquent than his words would have been. He has travelled constantly throughout His life to meet His lovers in all parts of the world. He has built schools, hospitals and Ashrams in different parts of India and Himself taught children, ministered to the sick and cared for His lovers.

He has founded and then disbanded these institutions when His spiritual work necessitated it. One of His most remarkable achievements — the most unique of this kind in India — has been His work with "Masts," the God-intoxicated souls, the seemingly mad men who are to be found in all parts of India, in cities and villages roaming about or sitting in rags at odd places completely oblivious of the body and its necessities and fully absorbed in their God-realisation.


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