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Darwin Shaw

Meher Baba does not put pressure on people to grow; he lets them grow at their own speed. However, I feel that Baba permits disillusionment as a part of the growth experience, because it leads to detachment without our becoming callous or unfeeling. So we have growing pains, which lead to disenchantment, and this will involve a certain amount of healthy suffering.

Initially, we are going along not contesting the flow of sanskaric determination within us. The more we begin to contest this flow with our thoughts, feelings, and actions, the more we may experience a struggle. We are striking out for truth, taking our stand on the truth within.

My experiences with Baba have helped me understand and become so familiar with impelling forces such as anger, lust, and greed that when confronted with them, the antidote — which would differ with each person — would appear within my consciousness, and I could switch gears and transform them right away.

We do not want to wait until these forces arise and become so impelling that we are helpless to control them. We need to plan ahead. Before these forces take hold of us and overpower us, we need to think them through to their end results and decide for ourselves that this is not the way we want to go.

We have to consider ways to counteract these impelling forces. Redirecting them into less binding channels is one way. As spiritual aspirants, we also have to keep a sense of Baba's presence with us in these situations. My secret strategy is to become aware of Baba himself — his presence — in all circumstances. He is the master of every situation.


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