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Sitting in the swing (jhula) is derived from Krishna. His mother rocked Him in a cradle. The Gopis made Him sit on a swing. It is now customary for Perfect Masters to sit so. This is not to keep them awake, but is a sort of lullaby: "Krishna, now sleep and don't make trouble" — that is what is meant. Krishna was very mischievous, full of practical jokes, and used to make trouble. Christ and Buddha had other ways. I think I am a mixture of all.

Babajan was active and had bright eyes, and even at the age of 125 She was extremely active. She always sat under the tree, rain or shine. You could feel love flowing freely from Her. She once told the group there, "I have so made this Son of Mine that one day He will make the whole world dance around His fingers."

There was no talk of money then, people just came for darshan. If anyone asked for anything, She got out a stick. Always She stroked Her left arm. I can't explain why, but She did it purposely. She used to walk fast, and at 85 She would run fast. Years ago the Mandali had to run or use their bicycles to keep up with Me. She gave Me divine bliss; Sai Baba gave Me divine power; Upasni Maharaj gave Me divine knowledge.

To sum up, we have to feel in our heart of hearts that only God is real, that He alone exists, that He is in us all, that He alone is to be loved: God and God alone.


THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS, p. 78, ed. Malcolm Schloss & Charles Purdom
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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