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Meher Baba

Again and again, God takes human form to suffer for His creation. I am that One. Like you I have a body and mind and so I feel hunger and thirst, etc. But I also have universal body and universal mind, and therefore your individual suffering is as nothing compared to my eternal, universal suffering!

I have infinite Knowledge. I do not have to use my mind in order to know — I just know. I use my infinite Knowledge. But although I have infinite Bliss and infinite Power, I do not make use of them. If I were to make use of the Bliss that is at my beck and call, how could my suffering be "suffering?" And of what benefit would it be to mankind?

I also do not use my infinite Power. If I were to use it, how would I remain helpless? I remain infinitely helpless because while having infinite Power at my command, I do not use it! I shall use it only when I break my silence to give a universal spiritual awakening; and when I drop this body I shall use my Bliss for 700 years till my next advent.


IT SO HAPPENED, pp. 148-149, ed. William Le Page
1978 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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