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Keshava Narayan Nigam

It is proper that I should tell here that Babadas had for his own reasons become very much displeased with me and often used to tell people that I had gone out of Baba's fold. He was an old and intimate lover and worker of Baba. I felt not the least moved or pained to hear such words from him about me.

For it was easier for me to think of leaving my life than to dream of leaving Baba. When Babadas used to talk to me in this manner, I used to muse, "Will Baba throw me out of His shelter even with my following Him so deeply and lovingly?" And my innermost being always heard Baba's reply that God always helps the truthful and He never lets such an one down.

Perhaps just to confirm this, Baba gave me His order to stay in the upper storey of Ali Nawaz Jung bungalow, while Babadas and the rest of the persons from Hamirpur were given a room below.

Even then Babadas went on torturing me for those three days to such an extent that he would not let me enjoy meeting with my Beloved BABA in peace. But, nothing can ever remain concealed from Baba's sight and Baba is the Doctor who cures all ills.

On 28th of June 1951 before Baba began the morning session of the programme, He gave five minutes to meet those who had not been able to see Him the previous day due to their belated arrivals. My joy knew no bounds to get this opportunity of seeing Baba, an opportunity that I had considered to have been lost.

The moment I reached Baba I unburdened my heart at His feet without ado. "Baba, I have lost relish for everything. I am utterly fed up with mundane activities and I feel like doing only Baba-work for the whole day, for each moment." Baba heard me seriously and in reply to my words, His fingers began to move rapidly on His Alphabet Board.

Adi K. Irani read His reply to me. "Keep up this longing up to February 1952." My interview finished. I felt completely relieved of all the burden I had been carrying on my head so long.


1970 © Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham, Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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