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The next day, May 11th [1952], was also a busy day. Mrs. Roothbert ... and a few others were privileged to meet the Master in the Lagoon Cabin. Mrs. Roothbert expressed her desire to serve people and make them happier.

Baba: Life is one long endless chain of existence. Real happiness lies only in loving God and being united with Him. So, the greatest service one can render to humanity is to help people feel this reality. There are many ways of helping people: by charity, giving food, clothes, alms, serving them personally, working in hospitals, etc., etc. But all this help is physical help. It does good to the doer but also places him/her under an obligation, in the process of his/her involution.

That is why Perfect Masters say the only way to help human beings is not just attending to their physical needs, but to give them spiritual upliftment — helping them to see that the purpose of life is knowing God in perfect honesty.

Help others. That is very good indeed but unless you know how to do it, there is always a chance of getting into a mess.

She came again in two days and told Baba that since her childhood she had been in love with Jesus. She added that His words always came to her and she felt that He was in her heart. Then she related to Baba an uplifting spiritual experience she had had with one of His pictures; she also conveyed to Him how very upset she was as it did not last longer.

Baba: I understand all. Even if you had not said anything, I know all.

Mind has the habit of getting exalted and then going down. Sometimes it is full of doubt. So, in one's spirit of trying to seek Truth, one sometimes gets in a mess and feels dry at heart.

God and love for God are not child's play. In love, you have to be ready to drown yourself in the ocean of fire.

Jesus was never serious about anything, except about God, whose incarnation He was. He was serious about Himself and God, with whom He was One. Otherwise, He was so lighthearted that He even got crucified for others, with the same "lightness" of heart. Why? Because He had no wants at all. He did not want; He gave. So the only thing that God wants is not ceremony, not yogas; He wants love — the love that makes you forget yourself in Him.

Do you know that Jesus told His disciples — "Leave everything and follow Me"?

Now, if I were to tell you this, your mind would fluctuate. It will think, "Is it true? Is it like Jesus? Is Baba right or wrong?" So unless and until you are wholeheartedly prepared to follow someone whom you think true — like Jesus — the best thing for you would be not to submit to anyone. Just go on following the inner voice. Can you surrender absolutely to Baba? Just ask yourself. Be honest to the very core. If not, do not bother about it.


GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN MEHER BABA, Vol. 3, pp. 37-39, Bal Natu
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