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Dr. Abdul Ghani

One Moulvi Abdul Wahed of Hyderabad on a visit to Bombay was staying for some time in the Dadar mosque opposite to Manzil-e-Meem and recounted the following experience to the mandali:

"While engrossed in meditation and prayer in the mosque opposite, I saw some effulgent light emanating from the direction of the bungalow (Manzil-e-Meem) and I therefore concluded that this light must be due to the presence of a Divine personality in the locality. I therefore began to investigate and heard of the presence of Hazarat Meher Baba putting up here with his disciples.

"This experience of mine was vouchsafed to me once again while I was undergoing the practice of my daily meditations. I saw the same light, but this time in the centre of the halo created by the light, I could read the name 'Manzil-e-Meem' very clearly. This experience goaded me to come out and see things for myself and hence I am here."

Moulavi Abdul Wahed, when enquired of by the Mandali whether he desired anything of Baba, replied, "I want nothing from him."

The following strange but illuminating incident is narrated by Mr. N. A. from Bhiwandi when he came to see Baba one morning (19-11-1922):

"On my return from ... where I had gone to see my brother ... I was informed by one of my servants that a guest had arrived in my absence and was at the moment in the nearby mosque offering prayers. The guest turned out to be a venerable old man and his hoary age was denoted by the fact of his eyebrows also being completely grey. He gave out his name as Abdul Wahed and during conversation he let drop a hint as to why I did not go to Meher Baba. I replied that I hesitate to do so, since Meher Baba was not a Mussalman externally.

"The old man said, 'Faqirs have no religion. He (Meher Baba) is the first one of his time who has been appointed on a special duty of making as many Walis (saints) as possible. His state is such at the moment that he can transform any one whom he embraces into a Wali. He will be the first to meet Imam Mehendi. I am also with him (spiritually) for the last so many years and now the time is fast approaching for me to declare myself to the world. Go and see Meher Baba and give him my salams'."

Simultaneously with the above episode, the brother of Mr. N. A. had a similar experience. Mr. A. A. was told by a spirit to go down to Bombay and see Meher Baba at once. Thus the two brothers had strangely peculiar experiences about Meher Baba almost simultaneously.

Mr. A. A. Narrates the following strange experience on the occasion of his visit to the shrine of Baba Abdur Rehman, Dongri, Bombay, accompanied by Munshi Abdur Rahim and Syed Saheb. Mr. A. A., while offering his homage to the Saint in the Muslim way on such occasions by touching and kissing the Gilaf (the covering over the tomb), heard a voice from inside the shrine and the words that caught his ears were to this effect: "Convey my salams to Sheikh Baba Merwan and this salutation should be conveyed through the medium of Munshi Abdur Rahim."


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